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C2L10: Figure 8 Conditioning

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If you're players are serious about you know really reaching their full potential and becoming champions. They are going to want to reinforce their figure 8 pretty much daily. So here is a routine I have developed I use where I do the figure 8 for about 2 -3 mins. every day. It loosens me up and connects me, my entire body, left and right side, upper and lower bodies. Take a look I do some large figure 8 ing first for about twenty or thirty seconds. Start with some small figure 8's then large figure 8's then I put my hands on my hips and I feel my hips doing a big turn opening up those lower back muscles, knee joints, hip joints and that one works really well. Then I put my hands behind my back and that sort of pushes it up to front of my legs, my thighs works a bit more on my calves as well. Then I put my hands behind my head continue the figure 8 that really draws up in to my inner costal or my rib muscles up through my arm pits and shoulders and that really feels good as well. The nice thing about figure 8ing is all these drills get you more and more centered. See my head barely moves up there. Then I like to do a real low figure 8 for about 20 seconds or so. You can the stripes on my shorts really moving. Its a real grinder on your gluteus maximus, and your thighs and your calves. Then I love to go right over my head after that either with my fingers intertwined or apart. Really stretching up you feel that figure 8 in your feet all the way up to your wrists. That's a great one for the shoulders as well. Then I try to keep my hands very stable and my chest as stable as possible and do a figure 8 only in my hips and lower body, that really opens up the low back muscles. You might even feel a nice vertebrae pop here and there in doing all of these. Then finally after doing 2 minutes I just lean over my board and swivel slowly from side to side sort of stretching all the muscles between the muscles. Do a couple of forward bends and thats it, it only takes a couple of minutes. I really feel connected to my entire body and I feel balanced. If you don't have an 8 board you can still do this drill, take the same 2-3 minutes, do a wide figure 8 mimic a few strokes. Universal Stroke as we know it, once again see my head is very steady in the center. I am pulling with my hips and it really pulls on every piece of your body. It feels good its a great way to start the day. Then hands behind your head once again really pulling now with that figure 8 with the rib muscles. Once again its a very active stretch unlike yoga where you have static poses. Its like a moving yoga. Where you balance in many directions, up, down, left, right, gravity and levity you really feel it everywhere. There is the wide one again. I really like that wide one and then I stop my hands completely and really separate my lower body from my upper body. A lot of these things take practice, you will get it. Once you start doing it you will wonder how you ever went without doing this warmup. Every single day particularly when you have a match to play. I think if you are into the tennis life style, the figure 8 lifestyle you work on your figure 8 every day.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 5, 2014

Use the fundamentals of your strokes to condition your body to play better tennis.

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