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Hitler AfterLife 8 - The world as enemy!

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 8 I Found no God on Earth Hi there, this is... Hitler... ...also known as Mykey in the Dimensions. Alright. While I was here on Earth - I finished my previous interview where I explained that I investigated my "enemy" which is the world - which is the organizations and establishments of the world,... the money system, the banking system, the... military, the law system, the education system - God, I investigated everything - religions. I read extensively. Mostly, it started off trying to understand, you know, what is it that I'm seeing because... no-one else seems to be able to see what I'm seeing. You know, I've... you know, there were books in terms of... Later on, I understood that what I'd seen was referred to as demons - demonic Forces of Satan, the Devil - but then, there was again the polarity of the God and Devil manifestation in the world and that didn't make sense at all because, firstly, I did not see a Higher God Essence in terms of what I saw within myself. You know, I wouldn't call it a God Essence or some Higher Essence - it was just me - which I didn't see anywhere else except in nature, occasionally animals - but not all of them, which is also strange,... because even some of the animals were connected to the systems. Nature in itself was not really..., plants, trees... OK, now for that. So, first I had to understand how was this world set up. But, of course, I first investigated my own country - how these... demons... directed human beings... in this world, why establishments exist, and how is this thing governed, how is this world ruled - because the demons were most definitely in charge - there's no doubt about it. I saw them, I could see what they were doing to people - it was amazing, you know! Sometimes the demons would show me what they've got planned for this human being's life. They actually showed me everything, showed me... It was like I could sometimes, occasionally - it's when the demons showed me... know, human beings' lives - what... what it's been, what it's looked like, what's going on in their lives - fucking everything - they knew everything of each human beings' lives. And so I went to a form of seclusion for a while, first making sure that I know the territory upon which I walk, you know. I stood back - still seeing the demons - but then it also got to a stage where I am able to see them if I chose to, and if I don't, I don't. But more or less I viewed them, and it was interesting in the beginning, especially when I was younger because, you know, seeing what these things are doing to people, and I knew they couldn't get me: I'd just expand myself and they couldn't "touch" me, if you want a... from that perspective. And... then I got to a stage where I said: "OK! What now?!" - you know - "What know? I'm able to continue with my life - I mean having a "normal life" apparently." God, I was normal during that time? I don't know! Especially not with my... strange abilities to be able to see what is going on. I visited what you call the psychics and fortune tellers and I was involved in three different groups of sort - but that I'll expand on later. First it was the psychics, and I spoke to some people who could "connect to the Other Realms" ("speaking to the dead"), but that was also more a fuck up than anything else because... I would see these psychics talking SHIT! Really! Absolute bullshit because I could see where they were talking from: it was the centers in their mind - it was amazing! Now it was interesting what I could see in this one psychic that I went to once. She had these... how do we call them?... like rooms in her mind - multiples of them. Now, I could see there was a room, a space for me in which she'd sit, and just speaking of the stuff that was in this room inside her mind, and there I was placed, and there were these points, like little picture frames, and then, as she was "communicating" with apparently "dead" or with the "Dimensions" or my "Guide" and stuff like that, for information - I was running to get some information about what was going on in this world. I didn't ask directly - I didn't say: "OK, I'm seeing demons" etc., etc. ; I just asked: "Where am I? Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do?" She talked absolute shit, because... And then, I saw in her mind area these compartments where there were beings that have been here before, and that room was now called in. Meaning those beings were done and there were multiple other human beings that were still in rooms, that were still to come. She was all already placed. It was... bloody strange because I could see this mind compartment system with human beings placements inside her and she's speaking from there. Whatever she said to me was... I couldn't place it in my world - at all. Not at all - as she couldn't see what I do see - is demons, I see the systems inside human beings, and THAT's what exist in this world - and whatever human beings believe to be them and what they experience: it's not true! Everything that human beings experience and where they're let to to experience is for the demons' own "purpose" and experience - it's all I saw. So, I was alone. That I knew for certain. I went to about four to seven different beings who had contact with the "Other Side" to find information here, in my life time - but the information was unsatisfactorily. I was looking for form of assistance someway. You know, maybe there was an existence beyond this Demon Existence that I hadn't see, beyond this. I mean, I couldn't... I didn't wanna make peace with the fact that this could only be all there is - I just didn't want to accept that. So, you know, I searched for answers. In terms of... during that search, I joined some "groups". In the world, those manifested together. They were apparently conjoining together in a form of a standing up in agreement. OK, I'll explain those in my next interview. Thanks. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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