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Search Radio and TV Broadcast Transcripts in Lexis Nexis

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This video will show you how to search for radio and TV broadcast transcripts in the Lexis Nexis database. You can begin right on the "Easy Search" page and search broadcast transcripts from this page. Use the box that says "Search the News" Enter your search terms into the "Search for" field I'm going to use "Mad Men," the television show and then for my "Source Type," choose "Broadcast Transcripts." This is a broad news source that covers lots of different types of radio and TV shows. Clicking on the "i" gives me a list of all those news sources. This includes, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR...lots of different news sources. You can also search just one news source For example, if I wanted to search just CNN I would enter "CNN" in this third box that says "Source Title" and do just CNN Transcripts. When you have set up your search, click "Go." You can see that I have a thousand search results. If I want to sort by date, I can do that here. If I'd like to limit my search by date, I can click the "Edit Search" button and then instead of using this first, Easy Search box, click on the link that says "All News" Then enter your search terms here. I'll enter Mad Men, and then do just the previous six months. This time, I'll search all of the Broadcast Transcripts. Then click search. So now, all of these articles should be within the last six months. Since I searched all of the different broadcast transcripts. what I can do this time is go over here to the Source Category Click on "New Transcripts" and then see that I have articles from NPR, for example By clicking on that link, I just get the articles from NPR. I can do the same thing with Fox News. To read the transcript, just click on the title Then you can read the whole article, and you'll see your terms highlighted in red. If you have any questions about using Lexis Nexis, return to the OU Libraries home page Click on the link for "Ask a Librarian" You can use the online chat to ask a question all the hours that the Learning Commons is open.

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Posted by: hagman on Dec 14, 2009

A video showing how to search radio and television broadcast transcripts in the Lexis Nexis Academic database. Shows the new Lexis Nexis Academic interface that debuts in January 2009.

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