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The Legacy of El Drognin

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What is up you guys this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you the legacy of a man that was the peanut butter and jelly of a Robocraft sandwich His impact on Robocraft was one that will carry on in our memories Ladies and gents, we are here to talk about the legacy of El Drognin So what makes Drognin so loveable and how did he connect the world of Robocraft Let’s start off with his origin Orcun Adsoy socially known as Drognin was born in the labs of freejam around April 2014 He wasn’t just given the spotlight of a community manager He joined as Freejam’s Japan-Facing PR manager where he handled the social media of Robocraft and translate them for the Japanese He helped Robocraft reach the eyes of Japanese gamer led community interaction at the Multiplay Insomnia Games Festival and created a Japanese Twitter account for Robocraft known as RobocraftJP This twitter account was a big task that Droggy helped bring to life RobocraftJP received over 300 followers in its first day and grew over 25,000 views per week Drognin has a love for both the Western and Japanese nerd culture and was excelling his tasks Freejam promoted him to become Robocraft’s Community Management Coordinator around July 2014 He managed tons of Robocraft’s social media sites from places like Reddit, Discord, the Official Robocraft Forms, Twitter, and Twitch He was knowledgeable in knowing how to handle the community and shared his love for Robocraft He provided a voice for any type of gamer even if they were toxic Their voices were heard He provided guidelines for admins and mods to help keep Robocraft a safe place to live He was the face of Robocraft memes He helped... Lui stop hugging him! I am trying to talk here (cough) He helped bring about love with his Robostreams on Twitch El Drogo streams were glorious It helped provide real time communication, funny moments, and a true connection We got to see people like RicArtJammer, Jac733, Nixell, Cluly, Gottchar, Barentoeter, Mark, Hannah, Hannes, LeftofNever and much more At last, all was great, but Droggy has grown It was December 5, 2016 where El Drogo would depart from Freejam He explained that he will be moving to Climax Studios as a producer for an unannounced title Freejam shares an office with Climax so he won’t be far from his fellow jammers Being a producer is something Drognin has longed for The opportunity wasn’t there for a while and Mark kept his eyes open for him His smell at the Freejam offices will be one they can’t forget The love and friendship that Freejam devs and Drognin has was one like a family His over 2 year legacy is one that will not be forgotten in the Robocraft community The torch has been passed to LeftofNever We love you Drognin and will continue to support you and provide memes for your unannounced game So that pretty much wraps it up for this video Feel free to express your emotions in the comments, but I want to encourage you to follow his dreams on Drognin’s twitter I am sure it will take time before the game is actually playable but rest assure Drognin will keep us posted on twitter I want to thank you guys for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later ShoMofo: A lot of people is going to hacks Drognin: I called a hacker the other day ShoMofo: Did you really? Drognin: I was with Cluly and some other people And he called me a hacker and then he started like straight up **** talking me ShoMofo: He said the naughty word Drognin: I was like. Dude. What are you doing? He carried on Alright. Do you enjoy having your account?

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Dec 7, 2016

Learn the legacy of the great El Drognin and his love for Robocraft. There's more that feeds the eye than the loveable smell of El Drogo. Droggy has created quite the legacy and will continue to be in our memories as an awesome, ban hammering community manager. Enjoy!

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