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Universal themes

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What resonated with you, particularly? Thematically? I would say, you know, Shakespeare's themes are universal And they are not limited with time. They are issues that go... They are the same issues that we face today, that Shakespeare faced all those years ago. What themes? Loyalty. Loyalty? Yeah. Can you tell me more? You know, I see in Hamlet this duty to his father. In African or in Ghanaian culture there is this duty to one's parents, etc. And it seems to be running through the whole theme...or the whole play. And Hamlet seems confused because there is that part of Hamlet that need to live his life, but there is that part that needs to make sure his father's death is avenged. I think in the modern day world you see that a lot, in Ghana, where you have the old tradition and the new tradition. Where people think, Oh I must do as my parents say, and then people also think I must live my life! Do you think that Shakespeare should be performed in this part of the world? Do you think it's relevant? Yes! Definitely, a big yes. I think it's still really relevant. I always say that, here in my country, specifically in Lesotho, with regards to the political situation, the leaders need to read Shakespeare! I can't just miss this opportunity. Reading a book, like there's no life in it. A play has-it touches all of our five senses! It has sound, it has sight, it has these vibrant costumes! It has a "play set" that is so unique. And just watching this is more than just reading a book. It's really fun, and I like how they change the costumes all the time.

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Universal themes

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