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SpaceUp HOU 11 - Yuris Night T-5

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Tim: It means that's what you are going to be discussing as part of a larger group. Audience: That sounds really awesome Tim. So I guess we should probably go into a little discussion then on Yuri's Night. How's that? Tim: That would be good. If I can get it to start at the beginning. Audience: [humorously] can just start in the middle. This is Space Up after all. [laughs] Tim: That's true. Audience: Can we get the lights turned down in the front again? Tim: Yeah let's do that one more time. Audience: Whatever the setting was last time --- there we go. [whispering] I like it full screen. Tim: Alright. I think it's actually going. Sweet! Hi my name is Tim Bailey. I am doing the first T-5 talk which means I have five minutes to tell you something really incredible. And what I'm going to talk about is Yuri's Night--the world's space party. April 12th 1961--Gagarin makes the first human spaceflight recorded. April 12th 1981--20 years later, Columbia launches on STS-1 Twenty years later Yuri's Night starts as a way to celebrate that cosmic milestone. Two amazing events happening simultaneously ... twenty years apart exactly. And now this year, we have 2011, which is the Fiftieth Anniversary of Gagarin's flight. Thirty years of the Space Shuttle flying. How fantastic is that? And they all happened on the same day. So in 2001 when people got together it was actually college students and university students from around the world that decided "This is such an amazing event!" "We should really celebrate it." "We should combine the world of art and science and space into a HUGE party in L.A.!" "What better to party than the human race leaving the planet for the first time?" Can you imagine a bigger celebration than that? What are people going to be celebrating in a thousand years? Probably this. And where will they be celebrating it at? We've had Yuri's Night events all over the planet. About 10,000 events have been held so far. They're all grass roots organized which means, similar to SpaceUp, it's crazy people that decide that they want to do something. And it's gone from ... We've had DJs in the Science Center in Toronto. We've had kids at a CanSat competition in Spain. We've had fire dancers at [NASA] Ames. Djs. I think that was probably New York. That's actually Ace of Cakes. They did a cake for Goddard. If you watch Ace of Cakes they actually made a Hubble and a huge Jupiter that they put up there. So what I'm going to tell you is "How To Rock Your Planet in Five Easy Steps!" Because I want everybody in here to have a Yuri's Night party. There's no reason you can't do it. It's sounds like, "Oh my god. I don't want to have a huge event." But you can. That's the big piece. And since we're here at SpaceUp where SpaceUp is about you doing stuff, I want to tell you how to do it. First thing is plant your flag and register your event. The good thing about any, starting any project is saying you're going to do it publicly. So before you do anything else, register your event. It's free to do on the Yuri's Night website. You get a pin put in the map and then everybody knows that you are doing it. So now you HAVE to! The second one is form your team. Like Voltron. It is better with other people. You can not do this alone. No major project worth anything is done by one person. Everybody knows that. So go out and find your team. You don't have to wear costumes, but you can. That's cool --that's fine. And then start planning fun stuff at a neat place. Just like SpaceUp at LPI. I've never been here. I didn't know this place existed. So it's great to have something and bring people into a space that they normally wouldn't do. And then do interesting stuff with them. You can have talks. You can see stuff. Bring @Craftlass, she's amazing. Then tell everyone you know. Even your grandma who doesn't want to hear it. She will eventually get the message that space is cool and tell her crotchety old friends about it. But the great thing is that there are also a lot of sponsors that would love to be associated with something cool and fun that has a science and stem education component to it. And then go and have fun yourself. No matter what you do, you really want to have fun with the event. Because if you're having fun other people will too. And the goal of Yuri's Night is to make space cool. It's to give people a way to interact with space on the grass-roots level. Now this year we do have some super cool stuff that we're doing. We got permission from Peanuts to do a sticker and a patch featuring Astronaut Snoopy. If anyone asks, this slide does not exist because we're not officially allowed to put this stuff out there. [audience laughter] But the first fifty people to register events and buy the party packs online the starter packs, get the sticker and the patch. And you can't get them anywhere else. Once they're gone ... they're gone. So what we have is is where you can go to register your events and see other events that are going on. I don't even know if there's even one registered in Houston yet. Did anybody ... ? There's one in Houston? For like 50 billion people that live here? There's one event? There's room for more. Go register your own. And just like SpaceUp, if you think that somebody else's event sucks, you should go register your own event. If having a rave isn't your thing, have a movie night where you watch really bad 'B' movies. Or go to the local classroom and have a time when you make space art with them. Y'know? It can be anything you want it to be. The point is we've been off the planet for fifty years coming up on April 12th and that's an amazing milestone for humanity as a whole. And there's no reason that should be limited to scientists and engineers and mathematicians, and people working at Johnson Space Center to celebrate or to even know about it. It should be something that every man, woman and child on the planet gets to celebrate as a species. So go out there, enjoy Yuri's Night and whatever you do make sure you celebrate. Thank you. Tim Bailey: @tim846 Yuri's Night: @Yurisnight That's how you do a T-5 talk.

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SpaceUp HOU 11 - Yuris Night T-5

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