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Medcezir 30 Part 3 English subs

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leyla is gone, right? she is got out from early morning , she has work in the neighborhood it's ok , don't do that again , please —Whats with it? Did anyone get hurt ? —It's not about getting hurt there is no need to worry the people if you are remembering , Mira who's asked her to stay here last night whatever it was ,I'm saying don't let it happening again it's ok, as you want when will I see you again? I don't know when you want to see me and if I'm free then we will meet when you will return back to Berlin ? not before we finish our house problem , I think that I'm here for a while so you are here in the opening of the restaurant , you will come ? If they invite me, I'll come super , so we are together in the opening Oh God, stop Stop really there is a long time for the opening of the restaurant in the end for me let us think first what we will do in this day you should not go to the house ? i can get out a little because the weather is very beautiful today, I don't want to go to the home ever Do you really have to go to school ? no, I cannot go today amazing, so I have a great idea What is it? allow me to drive the car Unreasonable ! — Yes Do you have a driver license ? — Of course I've! look here is not like Berlin, really the roads in Istanbul is different ohh at least I will laugh . When you was riding a bicycles with four wheels in Altinköy we are in Tuzludere riding the patinaj Yes you believe in yourself a lot yes Let's see Yes come on Go ahead! What? We are going What's up? — It's good I went to my dad a little and I went to the hairdresser then, here what happened , you are strained again with Yaman ? yeah , he is delirious . He make it so longer this happens every time leyla appear in the atmosphere my problem is not leyla, but I can't explain if you can go to eat your romantic dinner in hurry then it will fix the things between you On the basis of that you want to celebrate in your sixth month the organizations with Yaman , on 30th April we will see he will not get rid off it because of this small thing hope so he will organize , don't worry at all come on, let's go to the lectures it's ok ? Are you putted your pictures ? yeah I did , thank you very much for helping me pardon , I hope that you get a lot of join and I will help you I hope so eveyone is coming thank you hello I saw you last night in the house , it was a surprise I thought that you will have a guest for that reason you came home in the morning ? Didn't you sleep because you were waiting for me dear dad? Please don't mix words, how is Bade? let's say, we saw it cold due to the events that's mean because you took with Sude a high way then you creat coldness with Bade Beautiful tactic But it was a shock for Sude , for me it was not good Forgive me — Ender what is this confuse? You haven't stopped talking on the phone since morning You asked to protect Selim I saw that all the informations came to you too from now it's like that I am following what you are doing behind me from a close place what happened again ? Is there any inconvenience ? we got a threat last night by the telephone what's that mean ? — the situation is serious Excuse me Ahhh Selim opened his telephone Ender we are in a meeting — I know dad , I'm sorry but it's very important I'm so sorry Mrs Sude I sent you by mistake yesterday, I mean how much I apologized it's a little I called the club after you I knew that mrs. Bade is there , then I called you immediately but you don't answer I couldn't reach you ........... i'm so sorry you should know that I will never forgive you if you make mistake like this again you are so right , I don't know how I can make you forgiving me we will talk about this later Mr.Asim is in his room, in a meeting hello everybody — Hello I know that I'm late but I solved a lot of works since morning Dear Sedef I provide a media support more than you imagining for the opening everyone will be there, all the press Beautiful but as all thir eyes are on us, I want to united this with the CSR project no , only the opening will happened, nothing else will happened with it sweetie , we made the press busy in the last time in our private lives very much For that reason of the condition to do something make him forget us Only the opening will draw the attention on us again Sude is right, it's a good chance I'm always right Ender calling Hello Selim Where are you? Ender I will call you later , I can't talk now What are these sounds Selim? What happened ? My client is killed What? ♫Translations and subtiles by team♫ Which men they are ? In which suit selim fall in it ? What if they hurt him? it's ok mom , calm down . Let my dad get out then we will know what happened They killed a man Is there a clear massage more than this ? He is coming My soul Selim, are you ok? There is nothing, right? I'm fine my life , fine . My mind can't understand yet Come on let's go home immediately everything happened because of you — Whats happening? my brother died because of your greed , my brother said to you lets get off from this suit, but you didn't agree You throw him in the danger because of the lots money I didn't let anyone to make something forcibly , just I said what it should be in the law you talked to him this morning, we was there, My sister and I , all of us heard If you didn't consist my brother was alive now I assure to you that I will find who did that thing leave me , you are a lier mr. Selim — Selim please don't talk . Come on let's go Mr. Selim don't look at me in this way I don't know which trick is knitting but I swear to you and I swear in my kids too I am not the responsible on this thing . Yes, I'm on of the bad men in the professional life even I'll go to the end behind my interests, that's right But I'm never a killer, its like that Mom did you hear that they killed the client of mr. Selim that he is looking in his case ? Unfortunately, I know What a great calamity in the last weak you was who got hurt when protecting selim these men hold their weapons in public Yaman calling why you didn't open your telephone ? I called you 1000 times we got out now from the police station Are you coming ? — We are in the car now Is mr. Selim beside you ? — Yes, he is here is it clear who made it ? a trace and something like that I don't know everyone is suspected in the son of kocmüoglu but he is in the meeting and he has a lot of witnesses like he will go and kill the man in his hand that's true but I don't know Okay, god bless you it will not be like Altinköy , but these places will be better too and it will be different to you ? Principally you are not living here it's not clear what time desiree I'm feeling myself very sad there don't even like my work, I spend all the day in a close place . I am deprived from all what is beautiful I'm not happy as I'm leaving either I means if anyone consisting on me to stay here I will stay the life is your life for me don't wait anyone to consisting on you to stay here I mean the control should be in your hand what's you are saying is will not be easy at that extent Towards a little What happened? — Towards we came because you are curiouse but don't let us waste time in vain we will make another tour then we go Ok, do it Orkun Excuse me What are you doing here? is this your new place ? — Yes this area congratulations , it's beautiful — Thanks why you are here ? Probably you didn't come to visit my workplace no , I came to arrive leyla hey , I am leyla —Hello nice to meet you it must be full of signatures and agency in our hands to the end of the week we are solving it my lady — don't let any problem appear if any opposite sound is appeared then it will receive to the others too , to not live another cris again in the last minute don't worry my lady don't worry my lady, principally I take care in it . The neighborhood is in our hands you are opening the castle from inside — We're working so if you are still in these place, let's go together. My work is finished possible , possible — Okat, I'll come immediately Did you take a rest? I will not take a rest until the project ends There is no shortage and basically will not happen , I'm giving you surety so let's we meet in the company in the middle of the week Hasan , you arrive mrs. Reyhan to the house On my head let's eat together again when Ada is coming — Of course Goodbye yeah , gentlemen are you ready ? can you distinction between the place of the gasoline and brake ? you will see , you will understand in the way she went to Ayse for one day and what a car that she is riding I will burn on your soul. Will their life always be in this way? Calling Ayse you can leave a massage after you hear the tone Ayse look why is the phone closed again ? Look call me it will be a very bad thing I met you before? no we haven't met before , principally if we met before you will not forgot that leyla is Yaman's friend , I mean friend from the neighborhood What happened? Why you are winking ? There is nothing to hide it ever Me and Yaman was lovers before, Mira know that , even that I was stayed in their house last night you means in mr. Faruk house I understand So is the Tuzlodere brothers there is no different about Altinköy brother you are controlling on the situation very well it's like that , but exception of you Did we arrive? no we didn't arrive , you can go from here and I will walk a little just to start using Tuzlodere Is it possible? If we can arrive to your house You are a very good boy Excuse me Goodbye due to what my dad describe that it's a very calm place , there is an empty building it's not for anyone . They found the man behind that building what a bad thing ? If you shout nobody will hear you As a human being, I blew my years for the detective films I know these things very much , I am controlling . Yaman, can you come for a moment? don't act it on me my son — Yaman can you come , come on This place is the place where the man was in it Somehow pulled the man there, pulled him I can't do this now but they are in the same height with the man Anyway , whatever it was after that what we couldn't know in this moment . They hit on the man head in a rough body , It is likely that the man was unable to maneuver like Yaman, so the man is stronger, the killer is stonger Here is also talks about the in same subject ? baba come here , come here . It's ok we are silence We are trying to relive the moment of the accident and crime my thinking is like this it's a wrath crime carried out at that moment and is not planned that means we should see who benefits from the decline in this suit of course the counterpart, right? but the counterpart did not think that they will suspecting in them immediately ? They drew attention to themselves very much but if the counterpart do that , he did it with planning because the problem thats between them is from a long time thats because its implemented angrily and not planned Who killed him got angry and hit him on the head of the man, that's what he find in that moment dot net I means god not allow that . mr. Selim do you want anything ? no Kenan , thanks, basically you have work really of you want anything I can stay mrs. Ender called the Security staff anyways , thanks, They are on the door now. Thank you look and there is that too , you don't say that this man will rent a bodyguard for himself ? Where is that bodyguard ? I don't know , he said that I will rent but maybe he don't have the chance or he didnt call When he was coming to meet me he didn't need the bodyguard is there another person knowing that he will meet you ? —I don't know Mert I don't know what he said to the other one or what he talked come on, let's go we should let mr. Selim head take a rest — sit down guys no , no, you are very tired today , take a rest good night — same to you too good night Thanks to Rama , Diana , Zainab ♫Translations and subtitles by team♫ no voice

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