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Business Relationship Management -- Securing a Meaningful Future for IT

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In the digital age where technology is key to business success enterprise IT is often marooned on its own island. Largely cut off from the front to the firm, IT is overworked, providing critical back office services. Meanwhile, in the business, executives get together to make strategic decisions and plan change without inviting IT to the key discussions. Or, looking outside in, they even bypass IT completely; securing services from their own external cloud vendors. While business people love consumer IT; they've learned that talking to enterprise IT is difficult, so they don't do it until they want something specific. This is frustrating because it doesn't matter how hard or smart IT works when IT is not a partner in the business it can't add as much value as it should. At the same time the advent of powerful outside in technology, is also reshaping choices facing enterprise IT and IT executives must move with this change. Since 2006 LEF have been researching the business relationship management area and delivering experiential BRM training based on our research findings. We now offer an outside in BRM course with new cases and role plays from firms coping with new disruptions affecting IT. This is intense, like being in an ocean race. Our experienced, seasoned practitioners deliver an experience that will change it. Participants develop the leadership presence and interpersonal skills common in high-performing consultants: the skills that you need to develop relationships in the business. IT people are smart, but they often lack the right brain skills around risk-taking, urgency in interpersonal politics that the business values. The effective BRM understands that their job is also a performance. You need to create positive experiences with your partners in the business so that when you walk into a room people are happy to have you there, and not just for IT questions. Then you can operate in the business with much more impact, as a partner, a promoter, and a peer for IT. This is not for everyone; it is a challenging program where you learn to take risks and show up better. Indeed, many business relationship managers who have been through our course how now been promoted into the business. For enterprise IT, a BRM is about securing a meaningful role for the future. BRM wins back IT's seat at the leadership table, not only adding more value and delivering better projects, but even helping to design the product as IT gets closer to the front of the enterprise. Contact us to learn about the impact BRM courses have achieved for our clients.

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Business Relationship Management -- Securing a Meaningful Future for IT Uploaded on September 16, 2014 Retrieved from: No changes have been made to the video except the addition of accurate close captioning. ----- Since 2006, LEF have been researching the Business Relationship Management area and delivering experiential BRM training based on our research findings. This video describes what we mean by BRM and how given new Outside-in forces, BRMs must embrace these technologies if they are to build robust relationships with internal business partners, and thus secure a meangful future for Enterprise IT.
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