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Bishop Humphrey, it's wonderful that you should be with us and thank you very very much. You are the Moderator of the Church of Pakistan, the President-Bishop of the Church of Pakistan. And the moment I say that I suspect that people watching this will think, 'Ah! The church where they're attacked and where they're bombed.' And you're in fact bishop of Peshawar up in the, near the North West Frontier. So when you pray Your Kingdom Come and with this great prayer campaign all round the world, people are praying that all round the world, what will Christians in Pakistan be hoping for, what will they be praying when they pray, when they use those words? What's in their minds, and what's in your mind? Thank you archbishop, and in the first place I'm grateful for having me and for this big opportunity. Yes, when we talk about Thy Kingdom Come it's the concept that someone is offering a shoulder, that we can cry on that. And that is the shoulder of Christ, and that is, we are become a blessing to wipe the tears of others, and we should become a joy for others as well. So being in that context you know – sometimes people say it's the most dangerous context from where you people come, Pakistani people come. But I would say that it's a privilege to be there and it's a privilege that the companionship of the Anglican Communion is there; that together we are trying to become a source of blessing for all those who are internally bruised and internally disturbed. And that is the whole concept of Thy Kingdom Come, you know, that Christ himself through his church, is offering his shoulder, you know; that you can weep on that, you know, and he can become a joy for them. That is such a moving response, because it takes us straight back to the suffering human being. I don't know if you remember the last visit that Caroline and I made with you, there was a wonderful young couple who'd been caught in the bomb in Peshawar, one of the bombs in Peshawar. A beautiful young woman, lovely husband, one of their children had been killed. She was still, she had a leg that was damaged, you remember who I mean. Yes, they are the son and daughter-in-law of my personal secretary. Isn't that extraordinary, I didn't know that. But I remember her saying, my wife was talking to her and she said, 'We have learnt through this that Christ really is faithful.' And praying Thy Kingdom Come, so many people in this country and other countries will listen and say, 'Come on. You're being blown up, surely Thy Kingdom Come means all this ends.' But you seem to say it's about knowing the presence of Christ and being the presence of Christ amidst suffering. Is that fair? Very right, very right. Both of them, the husband and wife, instead of leaving Pakistan, instead of crying or weeping or doing something else, they have joined a theological college. And Peshawar diocese will be really happy to accommodate both of them you know. That's a joy and that's a blessing, you know. And that is the real, real, that is the message of gospel, that is the good news, that we are offering ourselves to be a source of blessing not for only Christians living in that context but for the rest of the people as well. And I again say most of them – I can easily say that 70 to 75 per cent of them are internally bruised. Who is going to be a source of blessing for them? Who is going to be a source of healing? Who is going to be a source of joy? It's Thy Kingdom Come you know; and Christ is using us, all of us, and Christ is working through us to be a source, you know, to embrace them and to wipe their tears. And this is the whole thing when I think about Thy Kingdom Come. Thank you bishop, very, very much; and we pray for you that God will protect you and bless you, and your church and its ministry. Thank you Thank you

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