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Hi everyone and welcome to Science Sunday! In this week's experiment we're gonna blow up balloons by creating our own gas. And this time you don't have to say excuse me. The items you are going to need for this experiment are, a clear plastic water bottle with the label and the plastic ring around the top removed, I did not remove that ring the first time I did this experiment and it made a mess. You're also going to need Vinegar, Baking soda, 2 funnels and balloons. The first thing we're gonna do is, put our funnel on a bottle and fill it about a third of the way full. Check it. Little more. There you go. Now we're going to fill our balloons about halfly full with baking soda. I just attached my balloon to the funnel, and then I am gonna funnel in my baking soda. Now, we're going to take our balloon and we're gonna carefully stretch the opening and put it around the top of the bottle without allowing the baking soda to go inside the bottle. So, just like that you can have your balloon hanging off the side So, Alsa and I decided to make this a little interesting by having a race to see whose balloon fills up faster. Are you ready? One, two, three. You win. Looks like I won. Mine is burning, it's not a good sign. Yeah it's OK. It is so cool. Look at all the bubbles. Wow! Yours is still really frizzling a lot. I think I have the most bubbles... So you may be wandering, what is the science behind this? For one baking soda and vinegar are mixed they create a gas, carbon dioxide. Gas needs room to expand so, when carbon dioxide fills the bottle it then inflates the balloon. Use a little bit of caution when doing this experiment the first time I tried it in my kitchen I made a pretty big mess that night. It was a little bit of ellipse. So, yeah just be careful when putting your balloons on your bottles make sure they're really snug. Thank you guys so much for watching and will see you next week on Science Sunday.

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