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Creating a Voicethread file

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[No audio] Once you've logged in to Voicethread, creating a Voicethread is actually pretty simple. Taking a look at the top of your screen, you'll see "Browse", "Create", and "MyVoice". Click on the "Create" tab and you'll see that there's a couple of steps involved, the first of which is "Upload". From here, you're grabbing images. You can grab them from your computer, a URL where something else is stored, or from Media Sources. So let's click on "Media Sources". And you'll see you're presented with some options here: MyVoicethreads, flickr, Facebook, New York Public Library. For this example, we'll click on New York Public Library and we'll get "Gallery Images". You'll see that there's a series of categories that pop up. Let's just choose "Documentary Photographs". So from here, you'll have a series of photographs; we'll just grab the first one here. Now here it says "Click on the images you want to import". I click on an image, and you'll see that this changes to "Import". Click on the tab "Import", and that'll load that for you. And that item has been added. So now we close down this image. And you see that this image is now made available to you. If you take a look in the upper left-hand corner, you'll see "Add a title and description". If you click on that, you can add a title. We'll just call it "Family photo". Give it a description. So "Documentary photo". And you can actually add tags so that you can search for these files. So plug in "family" and "documentary". Click on "Save", and now your image has been saved with "Familiy photo" as the title. Now Step 2 is to comment on this particular file. Now you may have multiple images. For this example, we're just using one. So if you click on "Comment", your image will come up. And now you have the ability to record some sort of comment. You have a couple of different options. One of which is to phone in your commentary; so you can use your phone. The icon next to that looks like a camera; you can use your webcam to introduce comments. The icon next to that is "Record"; shows a microphone; and you can use your microphone to do an audio recording. And the last one is marked "Type", with the letter "A" next to it, and this is so you can plug in a text-based comment. So click on "Type", and here it says "okay, start typing" -- so this is now a "Text-based comment". And if you like what you see, you click on "Save"; if you want to start over, click on "Cancel". So in this example, we'll just save. And you'll see that an image showes up next to the photo that you selected, and if you click on that, you'll see "Text-based comment", exactly the thing that I plugged in. So it's really that simple. Once you have completed what you want to put together for your Voicethread, you can send this out. You have the ability to "Copy link and share". Click on that and it'll copy the link for you, and then you can go paste that in some external e-mail. "Invite fiends": you can actually send messages to others. You can also send this off in an e-mail. Your e-mail program will open and it'll have all that information ready to go. You can actually embed your Voicethread into some other page. But in this particular case, "Copy link and share" is what I would choose. I can then go and send this off to some external e-mail. [No audio] Take a look at the tutorials that are already included with Voicethread. Start with this "1-Minute Voicethread" option. That'll show up for you as soon as you log in, that's available to everyone, and that's always on your main page. And that will answer a lot of the questions you have. [End]

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Posted by: randall on Nov 23, 2009

Four-minute video demonstrating how to create a simple Voicethread file.

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