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Doctors & Equal Money

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DOCTORS & EQUAL MONEY Ok so we are looking at doctors and Equal Money. Currently, becoming a doctor is an interesting question, Because the question is: are you becoming a doctor because you truly want to be a doctor and want to be the best doctor, or are you becoming a doctor, because of the money - and you truly want to make a lot of money. So the question is: Can one these days trust the doctors? Have doctors accepted Life as purely a commodity that they can buy and sell through their services? With Equal Money, one will find out at last who is the real doctor, who really cares, who is a doctor because that is the true service they want to give with Equal Money we will at last discover true love, love for the job, love for what you do, love for purpose, love for meaning. At the moment money, the way it works, is capitalism, competition and profit - is purely a scam, a fraud, deception, lies. All doing it, in each others' face keeping a straight face while they're doing it and then in the back - like Scrooge McDuck counting their riches - fascinating - in the vault closet. The health system is at fault. Suggest you join the Equal Life Foundation if you are a real human that really care. If it's all about profit and money and riches and winning and doing things from a perspective where you are noticed, famous - you are doing things like that, you have a good Life, you don't give a fuck about anyone else - stick to capitalism! But it won't last! Your system is doomed! Ha ha ha ha ha That is a Scrooge McDuck laugh - Ha ha ha ha ha!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: Desteni
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 1, 2011

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