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Love - Greatest Motivational Video ᴴᴰ ft_ Les Brown (1080p)

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So the people that do the daring things, people who've made history, people that have changed the cause of history, people that are making the dramatic difference on the planet. If you ask them what would make you face this kind of heat, this kind of fire, this kind of rejection. If you ask them, they'll tell you, "It's worth it for me to do this!" They've found their pulse, they've found their place, they've found something inside themselves that has given them the strength, to face the heat. When other people would become cowards and run away and say "I can't do that!" They will step forward and say, "I will" "I'll take that." You have that in you. You have the capacity to make that happen, in your life. That your life is worth whatever effort that you're willing to put for. Willing to reject the desire to be average. Finishing is what's called, "Average, the enemy within" And you know, I don't want to be average. I wanna be different. Now what is it that we find that will that will give us that tenacity, that will give us that courage to stand up, that will give us the strength to break habits, that will give us the kind of dedication and determination to come back again and again and again. What will do that for us? How do you find that? That stuff. How do you find it? It's worth it when you love it. When you love it. That love will help you bridge a lot of challenges. It will help you handle mini obstacles. That kind of love that you have within yourself for the things that you do. If it's representing some particular public policy, if it's running a marathon, if it's handling a business, if it's working with a physically handicapped or working without children or wanting to do something to protect the environment. Because this is, what you said, this, I finally found my peace over here, I wanna do this. And I might catch a lot of heat for it but it's okay! It's alright. I'm willing to do that. And it will drive you, it will keep you going. Folks will look at you in total amazement saying, "how could she do that? how could she .. where does the energy come from?" I can tell you based upon my own experience that when you get going, when you get rolling, when you can start coming at it again and again and again, even if when you feel sometimes that there's just no way there and that you wonder where you will get the strength from, you wanna give up, you wanna fall down, you want to turn around and run with everybody else, you're gonna question yourself. You're gonna say is this really making much sense? That's all gonna happen to you. That's gonna happen to you. In the midst of all of this. Trying to rebuild my life. Most people judging the young man, "can I talk with outside for a second? I've given up 20 years of my life for the person" Most people looking at him would say, "Hey, he's a loser" You know what this guy said "My life is worth whatever I have to do to come back again"

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Posted by: isneilydelrosario on Apr 16, 2020

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