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Powerhouse is a building that creates more energy than it uses during its lifetime operation, but it also includes the embodied energy in the materials, the construction phase and the end-of-life disposal on the building. And that's the difference between Powerhouse and the traditional energy-positive building where you only include the operational energy phase. In the Powerhouse project, we basically use known and existing technologies, but we put it together in a new way. We put all the different skillsets together from day one, they're on the same table where they need to commit to the Powerhouse concept and the Powerhouse targets. It's very important to find the right skill but also the persons with the right mindset. The success of the Powerhouse Alliance is the five parties that came together to form the collaboration. They're all leading companies in the industry. I believe the building industry plays a major role when it comes to climate change. We are named as the 40 percent industry when it comes to carbon emission and the reusage, and waste. And that is what the Powerhouse is up against. By completing our Powerhouse project in Trondheim at 63 degrees north, we have proven that it is possible to build a Powerhouse project within the areas where you have little daylight and a cold climate, so there is no excuse for not building it anywhere else. I'm very proud of what we have achieved in the Powerhouse Alliance. And I hope that we will, in the future as well, build projects that show the way and inspire others to do the same.

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