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Source Code (2011)

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(woman's voice, garbled) Hey Shawn. Hey. [train horn] [gasps] I took your advice. It was very good advice. [pop] Shawn? Shawn? Look, I can see that you think you know me, but I don't know who you are. My name is Captain Colter Stevens. You're kinda freakin' me out. No-no-no-no-no. Talk to me, Shawn. Look, I don't know who Shawn is, and I don't know who you are. [explosion] (woman's voice) Welcome back, Captain Stevens. Where am I? (male voice) You are inside the source code. (Colter) What is the source code? (woman) It's a computer program, Captain. (male) Source code enables you to cross over into another man's identity, in the last 8 minutes of his life. At 7:48 this morning, a bomb exploded on a train outside of Chicago, killing everyone on board. A man named Shawn Fentress was on that train. He is now you. Think, Captain, remember back. Who bombed the train? (Colter) I don't know who bombed the train! Then try again. Wait, no. I... (woman on train) So, what do you think? It's the same train, but it's different. (female officer) We've been informed that there will be another attack in 6 hours. If you find the bomber, the next attack could be prevented. Concentrate on the passengers in your car. Look for ones who seem nervous, as always, you'll have 8 minutes. (Colter) Eight minutes, and then I blow up again. [Colter cries out] What would you do if you knew you had less than 8 minutes to live? I'd make those seconds count. [train horn] (Colter) I want to go back in. I'm gonna save her. (male voice) You can't. It doesn't work that way. (female officer) Christina is dead. (Colter) She doesn't have to be. [explosion] (male voice) You cannot alter this reality, while inside the source code. (Colter) I'm asking you to have the decency to let me try. [alarm] (Colter) What's going on? He's in trouble. (Colter) Tell me everything's gonna be okay. (woman) Everything's gonna be okay. [train horn] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 25, 2010

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