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elfnullelf political consulting

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There is one question which many people ask: What does elfnullelf® do? To answer this question, we have created this little film. Think of it like a vacuum cleaner which gathers information. We observe Parliament and the government, sit in at committee meetings and we go to conferences and other events to collect information. We're monitoring TV and radio stations and listen to what the papers say. And certainly, we are connected to all online sources on the internet. We stay in touch with relevant social and religious groups as well. And whenever we pick up our pint after work, we meet John Doe and check what he makes of all of that. Even Lunch and Dinner breaks serve to still our hunger for background information. Reuters, Bloomberg, the City and Wall Street itself are constantly on our minds, as many of our clients hold substantial interests in Services and Industries which make the world go round. The Federal Law Gazette is a permanent source of reference. Voodoo is ... just kidding ;-) Basically, this means that there hardly remain any secret to us. Parties and fractions are our contact persons and we are on good terms with them. Finally the vacuum cleaner has a lot to do and all of the information will be collected. Next, this pile of information needs to be analyzed and evaluated. How does it work? It's of course our trade secret, but you may think of it as a kind of machine that sorts the information, where we literally separate the useful information from what is useless. That's where our personal expertise comes in. We look verly closely at each and every bit of information and utilize it for our clients and perspective customers. Thirdly, we take the executive summary and engage in proactive active lobbying with and on behalf of our clients. What exactly is lobbying? The term 'Lobbying' refers to bringing certain interests to the attention of political decision-makers such as Members of Parliament outside of the plenary hall or 'floor', where only MP's have access, but in in the 'Lobby'. Our core competence is what follows next: strategy consulting services. Usually we're supposed to sit together with political decision-makers and lay out the facts, our ideas, and recommendations. We have to be brief and precise, because politicians have little time and are primarily concerned with their party, their constituency and their position within the party. Ideally, what we have been lobbying for will speak for itself and result in regulatrory activities such as hearings, drafts or bills. Very importantly we are not reduced to speaking with the government only, but also to the parliamentary opposition, because the oppositions may be the future government. That's a very simple democratic rule. But often the meetings result in parliamentary initiatives or inquiries. Not all of our proposals will be used, that is how it works. What is adopted goes back into the loop and the game restarts all over again. You may have been wondering what 'elfnullelf' actually means. It is the transcription of the postal code 11011 Berlin, Number One at Platz der Republik. That is where the German Parliament, the Bundestag is located. The political representation of the German nation. Good politics needs good lobbying.

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Duration: 4 minutes
Year: 2011
Country: Germany
Language: German
License: All rights reserved
Genre: Animated
Director: Steffen Schiebli
Views: 151
Posted by: elfnullelf on Nov 29, 2011

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