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rav berg zohar balak 1987 revised 2017

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When it is read parashat Zachor, it is referred to which I believe is at the end of parashat Ki Tetze in Deuteronomy. Yes! In Chapter 25, verse 7. And there again, Moses repeats this incident in Exodus in verse 17: "Remember what Amalek did on to you by the way as you came out of Egypt, and he met you along the way and he prepared to do war. And at that point, the Lord interceded and therefore, Repeat that twice Blot out any recollection of Amalek. Who is Amalek? Who is Amalek that was weakened, wasn't destroyed? Why didn't Joshua destroy him? There was Moses, Aaron and Hur. Finish him off! Who is Amalek? So the Zohar tells us. Amalek is Bilaam and Balak. Two people? The incident with Bilan and Balak happens much later on. And it seems that there was a particular waging of a war with Balak and Bilan. Amalek doesn't say was Bilan and Balak anywhere. This was Amalek. So it says Bilaam and Balak {Hebrew} says the Zohar. These two people represented that force known as Amalek. We are not discussing the nation called Amalek. In other words, the Zohar reveals first "Don't take everything literal." As it states in the Torah, Amalek does not mean the nation of Amalek. It means the force of Amalek which was in Bilaam and Balak. How does he arrive with that? Because {Hebrew} Because Bilaam spelled "Bet Lamed Ayin Mem" you take the two letters of Bilaam, his name {...Hebraico...} "Lamed Kuf" and the two letters of the name of Balak, and what do you have? Amalek. That's how the Zohar says that story of Balak and Bilaam is another repetition. And what is Amalek? Says the Zohar in many other places, it is that evil instinct that is in all of mankind. And therefore, we understand why the verse says in Exodus He weakened Amalek. What does he mean he weakened? There was Moses. Moses could destroy anybody. He certainly could have destroyed Amalek. No, he weakened what Amalek represented. He weakened him because if Moses finished off Amalek meaning he finished off the evil inclination within all of us then he made the tikkun for us. What are we left to do? There would again then be no free will and therefore, it says he only weakened us. He did us in effect, he accomplished for us the same thing that he accomplished with the middle kingdom. As the Ari says right here in the 'Sefer Halikutim' What was the Exodus about? Moses broke the metaphysical power of the Middle Kingdom. That rule of the Middle Kingdom was broken. Amalek was not broken. This Amalek represents that internal me, which within everyone as the Torah says in parashat Noach {Hebrew} We all were born with an evil inclination and that's the purpose of our tikkun, to overcome these evil inclinations.

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