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Pinchas Restriction Changes the Cassete

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At that moment he said "I restrict". At that moment, because that was a vacuum, The old cassette comes out This restriction now puts in a new cassette Now, I'm not me, I'm now somebody else That cassette is totally programmed There's no such thing, as movement, that is not programmed. In our present day life, if you're moving along an area and there's no reason to restrict, nothing is happening right? No reason to restrict? It's been programmed, you're doing nothing, there's a total illusion of activity. I can become Avraham again If every time but, then again, there's no necessity of me becoming Avraham if in a prior lifetime I have to correct only one thing I told you a little joke, we were in the 'court', we were playing tennis, the ball went out over the fence, you know, we have to go all around through the main gate and there is little Israeli girl walking down the road and the ball was where David is now, I mean that, you know would you say, four feet? and we say: "could you please, throw the ball back"? she says "don't you know, I'm in a rush now, I haven't got time!" I'm telling it's my only experience! And she did not pick up the ball! I'm in a rush! This is a personal experience ok So, these things could happen right? He has to come back for what reason? To correct that aspect of restriction that he did not initiate the execute, right? There's an appointment.True! There was no restriction right? Because, right now I want that appointment, that's is Noah for me. It means, a contract, it means, all of the good things right? And I did not restrict all of that good flow for that instance. so you may have to come back. Now obviously, The restriction that will take place in the next reborn again situation, will not bring on a cassete of a such great magnitude because again, How much restriction is involved? So little that it would not warrant this individual through this restriction becoming now Moses, right? Now, this kind of restriction wouldn't warrant this little girl coming back as Miriam right? So, obviously I'm not saying that every restriction can bring you to Avraham Avinu. It would, again, depend on the amount of tikun that one has to make! But, if that tikun is of a such a serious nature, and it's a kind of tikun that requires a great effect, then you can have another cassete, which will be of equal importance! Like, Pinchas! He didn't have to get involved! It meant possibly his death! (audience: it did mean his death) that's right! And the end he died, that's true. Obviously, this kind of restriction would then, again be the cause of a cassette that brought another Av Avinu into place. This new cassette that he could be bringing on himself, could be something of a cassette of a higher nature it all depends on the amount of restriction, transformation, What is restriction? Transformation!

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