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Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Masami Sugawara. I'm 20 years old and currently attending school at Waseda University, Japan. I was born in Japan and raised in a Christian home in Japan. So, I have passion to spread Gospel to the people in this country. To teach you a little bit about the people in Japan, Japan is a country where the people have lots of material and financial blessings. However, I really feel that the enemy is using that to tempt people and hinder them from seeking Christ. So, please pray for that! Also, if you look at Japanese people very carefully, many feel some loneliness deep in their heart. Many of them are really scared to trust people and to love and to receive love from others. So, it is also challenging for the Christians to really teach the love of Christ to them. Also, many Japanese people are very scared of religion. Because, there were many incidents due to religious cults long time ago. But, I really have a passion to teach them that Christianity is not a religion but it is about the love of Christ. So, please pray for that too! And, if you look at Japan, there have been small signs of miracles happening throughout several cities in Japan. So, please continue to pray for their lives. I believe that they will receive the mercy of God and His love will soon hit the heart of people in Japan and a revival will start soon. That's my prayer request. Please pray for the Christians Even though we (Japanese Evangelical Christians) are really few in number (0.3%) Pray that, we as Christians, should be passionate and teach the love of Christ more and more Pray that the non-Christian people in Japan will be able to open their hearts to the love of Christ. Even though, now the enemy is closing and blocking their hearts and chaining the hearts and blocking them from receiving the love of Christ But I believe that through the prayer and through the work of God, those chains will be broken down and love of God will hit and shake their hearts and I know and I believe that a miracle will start happening soon in Japan And a revival will soon spread all over Japan. So, please pray for that. Thank you so much. Bye bye!

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Posted by: anudeeb on May 5, 2018

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