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Elio D'Anna - I Principi del Viaggio (1-3)

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You are facing something that will cause great difficulties. But you are doing it intentionally. If you don't do it intentionally, life comes the same way. - With the same difficulties. - Yes, exactly. But we are overwhelmed by them. However, we have to be proactive. - We have to choose the difficulties. - We have to do... We need to understand what fearlessness means. And nobody can impose that to you. A preparation is necessary. Looking at what happens inside is divided in two parts. The observer and the observed, OK? The fear and the observed. If there's an observer, they are looking at something that doesn't belong to you. But we identify with fears or doubts. And troubles happen. First rule: fearlessness. The first rule is fearlessness. How do you become fearless? We need to observe the fear itself. You stay straight with the spinal cord and you listen. And pain is hard, until... - It vanishes. - It vanishes. It dissolves. There's the solution to the outer problem. We started fearlessly, analyzing also the risks, etcetera, but the problem is that a good percentage of people we talked to told us: "guys, you're crazy at this historic moment." - It is part of the excitement. - "Etcetera, etcetera. And you..." "You'll end up in an orange T-shirt in front of a camera, etcetera, no?" But this makes you wander. Maybe I'm the fool because I want to take this journey risking these things and it's not worth it. Instead, I don't know. This is not stopping us for now. The doubt is the disease. Fear of what? Fear doesn't matter. Yes. And we always have an excuse. "Because he did that, because she..." "If it weren't for that storm, we would succeed." That storm is the one you have inside yourself. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. That's what I say in the book. People say that is a dream and those things never happened. I met all the storms in my life. I faced them all. And those storms were telling me: "there's something missing with you." Within you. There's something missing within you. Don't blame others. Don't complain. You have to look at yourself and see what is missing within you. That's the missing piece. When a piece is missing inside, it misses outside too. The outer and the inner are one, the same thing. If you intervene on the inner world in the world of causes, you solve the problem in the outer world.

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Elio D'Anna - I Principi del Viaggio (1-3)

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