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Phrases Related to Outdoors

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Hello, I'm Jennifer I'm standing in the woods behind my home here in Massachusetts because I'd like to share a few expressions that have to do with the "outdoors". What better place, right? Let's start with the first expression: "TO BE OUT OF THE WOODS" If you are out of the woods, you've just come out of a difficult situation. Your problems have ended. And... if someone says to you "you're not out of the woods yet" It means that difficulties will continue, or you have more challenges that lie ahead. Come this way. There's another spot I want to show you. This is my neighbour's garden. You can see lots of plants and flowers, and they've grown quite well. That's because she has a " green thumb" If you have " a green thumb" it means you have a talent for gardening. You can make things grow well like my neighbour. Now, these flowers are pretty, but truthfully I prefer roses. And that makes me think of a last expression: "A bed of roses" If your life is a bed of roses, you have a life of ease and comfort, even luxury. And if life is "no bed of roses", well you have a lot of hardship to deal with. Understand? Let's review. We had three expressions: The first was "out of the woods" or "to be out of the woods" which means "to come out of a difficult situation. Then we had "a green thumb" or "to have a green thumb": a talent for gardening or you can make things frow well. And the last: "a bed of roses", a life of ease and comfort. You got it? Let's see. I have three statements, I'm going to read them to you and I want you to tell me which expression completes each one. OK? Here's the first:

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English Video Lesson :Phrases Related to "Outdoors"

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