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2016 1 20 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI MOD4 1a

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As well as manually creating reports and dashboards to help analyze and uncover insights in your data, Power BI actually automatically generates insights for you. To do that we use something called Quick Insights. Let's take a look how it works. I've got a dashboard here, and this is actually one of the samples that we ship with Power BI, the supplier quality analysis sample. You can get this yourself by going to get data and then choosing this sample. And if you come down to the data set on the left-hand side, on the little dot, dot, dot menu you'll see an option here called Quick Insights. And this launches this automatic searching and some machine learning that we do to go and statistically analyze that data to find insights. It runs for 12 to 15 seconds to start looking over all of the data in that data set. And it will find correlations and trends and outliers in your data. You'll get a little notification when it's finished or you can always get back to it by going to that data set again and choosing view insights. And you get presented with this page. Now here there's a range of visualizations that allow you to see some of the insights that have been found. So for example, on the right here we can see that the Quick Insights has found that the raw materials and corrugate material types are the ones that are contributing to the most of the defects in this place. If I scroll down a little bit, I can see—hey look, we found that the defect quantity has got some outliers for December. So we have outliers here on the ninth and eleventh of December. But the rest of the month was fairly low. We can see there's a downward trend here, and you can see some of the other correlations and things that have been picked up as well by these insights. And you'll also notice you can pin any of these insights back to your dashboard. You can click on them to go and see the visual in more detail and even do things like applying more filters to the insight when you start working with it. So if you've uploaded a new data set and you want to just try and explore it and see if there's any interesting insights that could be found, run these Quick Insights over it. And it's an easy way to spot those outliers and trends and things within your data.

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Posted by: csintl on Feb 9, 2016

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