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VideoPress Basics For Getting Up & Running

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In this short tutorial, we'll get you set up with VideoPress for So the first thing you're going to need to do is go to Upgrades and purchase the VideoPress upgrade if you don't have that already. You can use PayPal, or you can also use your credit card via PayPal to do this. Optionally, you can top up some extra space if you need to. So now, when I write a post, I click on this video icon, and I can bring in things from my media library, or I can upload a video directly, so I'm going to click on that, select a video, and that's going to upload for me. It's a good idea at this stage to add a title and any other meta information, because that's going to appear in the RSS feed of your video. I can also decide if I'd like people to not be able to share it by embedding, or the standard, which is that people can embed it. I can set a rating—now "G" is the standard, but obviously if you've got more mature content, you can change that here— and finally, I've got the shortcode for embedding, which I can actually copy here, should I want to email it to someone or something else like that. I can also access that same information by clicking on the "Embed" section of the video here where I've got the shortcode for other users, which I can copy right to my clipboard with that button. And also, the fuller embed code for people that are using self-hosted WordPress or other web pages, so the options are open there. You'll want to use this other one for anything other than a blog but it also means that you can share the video pretty much anywhere on the web. Once I'm happy with all that, I just need to click on "Insert Into Post" and I'm now going to see a small piece of shortcode in my post. It doesn't matter if it's the HTML or visual editor; the result that I'll get when I publish looks like this, with a full "HD On" button people can turn on to enter full HD mode, full-screen mode, so they can really take advantage of that high-definition video; and of course, the different embed options. Good to go!

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Duration: 2 minutes
Country: United States
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Producer: Michael Pick
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Posted by: wordpresstv on Aug 5, 2009

VideoPress brings you high definition, embeddable video to your blog and beyond. In this short tutorial we look at the process of getting it installed, and publishing a video with it. For an overview of the VideoPress feature-set, check out our introductory video or the dedicated support page. For information on getting set up with a self-installed version of WordPress, check out our tutorial on just that.

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