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Cecilia coconut press & process

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My name is Cecilia and I am working at a partners KPSI. And I am working as an extension staff. Working as... advisory trainer. And I'm going to explain how the new coconut process is. So this is the first step. This step of the process, we have to select the nuts. This is the type of coconut we gonna go to the press, and this is the fresh one. So, this one is the sprouted one, so we didn't use it. Because it will cause the oil to get rejected and this is the best one that we use. And... it's [inaudible] the man is doing here. And he cut all the coconut now. And this is part that we use. And then, this one here, spreading, and... And this is how they begin, shaving all the coconuts, for the first time. And one...can last you twenty-five minutes. And this actual last step, that's every day, and this is the first step. And after that we have to... And this is step two You have to weigh the basket on a scale like this. And it's up to 7 kilos, and after that ...and it's put here. And this man is on the job of fanning here. And he has to fold the coconut. And they have to fold it like this for 35-45 minutes, until it gets dry. They have to put it in the cylinder here. And it start to... It will make compact in the cylinder, and then we put it in here. You have to put it here. This machine is machine for the oil. And it comes before the cylinder. We put this in like this, and then it goes back in the press like this. And we have to extract the oil out of it. And this is how it goes.

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