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The last Letter

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Dear mom and Dad I never imagined that a day like this would come in my life I lost all of our money in shares I have sold all our property to recover from this i had even taken loans that i can never re pay Now i reached a position, where i can't even afford my daily living anymore I do not want you to become victims for the mistakes i have made so i decided to end my life Stupid Why are giving a break in between when you have decided to die You shouldnt post pone a suicide for more than 10 minutes Anyway, there is no need to think about your decesion if you live there you have to worry about everything every day Like everday you should worry on what to wear and what not to wear Once you come here, you don't have to worry about it at all If you wish to travel there, you have to buy ticket and catch a bus , train or a flight baring all the expenses where as here we do not have anything like that, you can fly whereever you want and whenever you want ( with no traffic) you might have to mingle with everyone there whether you like them or not From that world all the good people to heaven and bad people to hell but suicide people like you and me will have a lot of fun here in between Shit...The time is 10 o clock . today is amavasya, we have a meeting at 12 pm if you commit suiside fast we both can go together By the way, how did you plan to die , sleeping pills right ? ok go ahead oh no wait wait, it may take too much time Lets do one thing, cut your hand , it will take you here soon oh wait wait..cutting hand may take you to too much bleeding ..i don't want see all that ummm..i got a good better hang your neck to the celing fan that will be quick and clean .. yeah great..lets do it..we have stool and rope and fan here ..come on let do it come on ..make it fast ...we don't have time... come on ..lets do it let do it ..make it fast die die fast... Do i like so stupid to you I thought of putting an end to my problems with suicide but Looks like my problems are going to increase if i commit suiside Hi Hi Hi.....What happened? did you fail again ? shu....slowly...he might hear us .... did you forgot about your taget of joining 10 new devils to the team by end of this Amavasya It's okay, we have few more suicide cases today I came to know that there a girl who failed in exams in the next street, who is planning a suicide Let's go there Holy Shit...Looks like you made a business of out it

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Posted by: gnaveen83 on Jun 10, 2015

The last Letter

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