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Yankor 1: Alien Travels and experiences as an Alien Child

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 1, Solid Disks - Yankor Hi name is..yankor and.. i'm here to speak about 'existence' actually. so let me tell you my story, and.. what happened, what I was..where I travel to, how I travel and.. how I came to be..the traveler of existence. Ok, when I was younger i..very the interdimensional existence.. that's how I was before, you know.. during while, before the whole 'earth scenario'..started..coming into existence. I was known as the..'the space traveler' existence. because i..went, everywhere. literally everywhere. I explore all..dimensional planes, dimensional existences..planets..galaxies..universes so, got a quite a history to tell. So where do i..first I was small, I did come from, originally I came from a planet.. the planet's name was 'usorkius', and..I was.. was a normal planet, you'parents'.. it was made out of rock, a substance of rock. It was very dry, deserty like..well not..there was 'desert', like you'd know it here, you know.. it was..this is like..the sand was almost like 'water', and.. their rocks, was manifestations of multiple different colors, almost like crystals but it wasn't completely crystals yet. It's almost like a planet..almost starting to develop into a crystal planet it's strange. but everything 'move', you could actually like the sand, you could feel the particles of the sand, you know on you 'skin' could 'move' through it.. and cleanse ' your..essence, it's like it's only believe, you know you had these.. places where you can go and swim into and..have their sand particles, move through your..manifested expression during that time, and these 'particles' you actually feel the move inside you and..'cleanse' you, 'purify' you. Now this purification, was usually..occurred.. because.. our..expression during that time would can I say? would 'deplete', ok? Now, for (laugh) was kind of like a, you know human beings experience tiredness.. well that was 'seen' as tiredness, you know when you've been.. completely busy during your day, I mean you know, we don't 'eat' per se.. you know, we just..enjoyed ourselves in an existence of this planet.. you know, we'd communicate and..we play, and children from other planets will come.. and come show us things, they've..discovered and.. you know, other people from other planets will come and 'visit', and show us things and.. we go visit other planets, you know and so it continue. There I was this little boy, and..then one day..I suppose like.. I don't know you know it's..strange, speaking about this because it's so.. similar to how human beings are experiencing themselves now here on earth so.. well I went..'I am bored'. go figure. because all that..always happened was I saw the same children, play with the same children, they' us some new things, 'tricks' you know that.. play with..sound manifest crystals and..changing their human shapes, you know.. anu, anu also by then, by that time, he was still very small, played with him as well.. We all were 'small' you know, that we've been through that stage. it happens, you know the same here on earth, you're a born child..and you grow up. but then you exist for of course, longer than you exist here. I remember how anu look like, he was quite a all. Reptilian baby..then he would shape shit into, you know, asking if I know how he does that? but he could never tell us, he just said: 'I just do it'..used to enjoy fucking around with us.. you know, like shape me, or something or to another child.. and then they have duplicated and in colors like, 'now I am..this is yankor' and then i'd say: 'no, i'm yankor' know, do funny things like that so.. we were also, you know, was many planet about, for instance about.. seventy four different other planets..seventy four, mainly for instance to come over and show us stuff. What else was there..'but'..the most 'intriguing one' for me there was this race. That..came..on spaceships, but they weren't like a..'aliens', you know the aliens you have here.. I don't know, probably if they've been probably telling you about.. was more of your government fucking up with..human clones. That's where you alien things come from. You know they're actually beautiful beings..quite amazing. They're very..they weren't..they're quite tall, reasonably tall..they had like these(cheek).. these 'brown things', coming from their they are, three on each side. They had very small mouth, that was kind of a..'stretched jaw', to the..coming forth. Eyes are freaky though, the eyes are like..coming out from the front.. but..very 'big', coming forth. They had also, these..these ears, but these ears, came..up (drawing) and.. out..and are round, just like they were moving. what else? They had also, the here by the..where ribs usually is, were..'opened' You know, it's like..opened, it's like they.. they move, according to the movement of existence. Probably draw some pictures and something day, yae of..everything that i've seen., jesus, a lot. very interesting beings.. and they usually, yeah, they came with spaceships. now, but they never 'really visit us' mean they never 'stopped' their spaceships on our planet. You could just see them flying past. and that..that was amazing you know, for me.. I just wanted to experience myself in one of those things, and it was just about the time when I said 'I am bored'. and when I say 'I am bored', you know.. when I say I was bored, you know it was about..quite awhile after that.. for the first time, I saw these spaceships. The spaceships, in terms of well known..of the planets, especially in the universe and the galaxy I existed..I wasn't very well known. I didn't know about..i've heard of them. actually seeing them, No. as in that moment I seeing them, you know it's like, this little boy.. looking out at the universe going: (node)..that's gonna be me one day.. (smile) I wanta..own one of those, and..then..gee I was so small.. and I left, then I left..I left my..little..'planet', and..I went to traveling, but now then what happened was..there was this little, another little boy from another planet. and..they used to..move around in these 'solid disks' and.. so one day, one of these spaceships..these spaceships stopped 'regularly' at their planet.. and..I said: 'I want to go take a look', so..firstly I said, to my 'parent's you know, at that time, I said: 'i'm going to visit my friend, on his planet..I want to go check out with spaceships' they said: 'yea', you know, 'it's cool' because..during that time, you know.. nothing 'bad' could ever really happen because it 'didn't really exist'. So, went with my friend, on a disk to their planet. It wasn't really far travel, you know you could.. do as quantum travel as well, quantum movement, it's great. or you can..also, 'reallocate' a different planet, by just merely mind projecting yourself..what is a mind projection? You see where you want to yourself there and you're there..quite fun. Ok, this is yankor. continuein my next interview. Thanks. Please join us for Disussions: Regular interview updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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