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TLE Class 5: kabbalah to increase Desire to Receive

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Alright, so we call it [Hebrew] because in effect the desire to receive becomes purified, right? We learned that, what is the not the result, but what is the liability of this wearing down, that we lose our desire, remember that, I want to repeat that as often as I can because I want you to remember what Kabbalah is all about. Kabbalah is not to make you into a tzadik, Kabbalah is not to achieve Ruach ha'Kodesh and how to learn how you can do with less, right? It's far from it. Far from it. Kabbalah teaches you how to increase your desire to receive. Because in the natural processes of things, your desire to receive is always reduced. Reduced! And we're learning Kabbalah, how to increase, that's what the tzadik is all about because why are you back here? Because in a prior lifetime, because of the [Hebrew] 'tzimtzum aleph' set in, cut off the electrical flow, cut off the electrical flow! So you know why you came back? To pay for all the bad things I did. Yes, but that's a secondary cause. The primary cause is because when you stole, or you murdered in a prior lifetime, the light was cut off from you. And the light wants to come in. And you could not accept it because 'tzimtzum aleph' prevented you from receiving. So you're back again now, to make sure that you are going to receive that light. So when the next opportunity for murder, or stealing, or whatever comes up now you'll restrict, and now you'll get back the light. So it's to increase it, and therefore the novelty wears off the second time, because of his [Hebrew], because there is a reduction in your curtain. What does it mean a reduction in your curtain? A reduction in your desire to receive. You know why the second bite doesn't taste so good? The energy is not there. And why not? Because you can't take the energy. Because your desire to receive is not capable. So what happens? So you're supposed to die then? No, we're going to learn now how there is a process of reduction. How there'll be less energy, there'll be less desire to receive, until it says that at the end, the "yetzer ha'ra" of an old person is almost non-existent. But a "mekubal" gets strong as he goes along the process. Gets stronger! Not less! He doesn't want to retire, he wants more of the things that once were in his younger days. Except now, he's not making maybe the same mistakes, than when he was young. But not that there is a reduction in his "yetzer ha'ra". Reduction of "yetzer ha'ra" is by the person who continually sins, so to speak. What do you mean he continually sins, he has "tzimtzum aleph" setting in all the time, saying you can't handle it so we'll give you a lesser. We'll give you "pchina gimel" of "pchina dalet", we'll give you "pchina bet" of "pchina dalet". We'll reduce your "ratzon-lekabel" (desire to recieve) we'll reduce the malchut that you have. Is it a punishment? No. Because if not you can't exist, because if you are only capable of handling five watts, and suddenly there's a surge of 100 watts, it'll burn you out. So in the process, this was the reason for this process that we're learning. In this process to permit that if a person sins, that was the "midat ha'rachamim". If a person sins, reduce him. So the punishment is related to the crime. What do you mean, the punishment? Not that his hand comes off, but he's going to enjoy life less.

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kabbalah to increase Desire to Receive

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