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ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 12

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We officially became the owner of Quebec Cartier Mining Company last year. They are die hard. We find it a bit difficult to switch over. Arcelor Mittal Port-Cartier Mines Everybody knows they are changing the names and people immediately switch into a new mindset. Otherwise you can drag it on and you get people that live in the past as opposed to looking in the future. ArcelorMittal inside transforming tomorrow Episode 12: ArcelorMittal Mines Canada Francois Pelletier President and CEO, ArcellorMittal Mines Canada We own and operate a mine in Mont-Wright. The town of Fermont supports that mine. It's located due north of Port Cartier. Mont-Wright Fermont Port-Cartier Laurence Methot - The important thing for the population of Port-Cartier is the history. When the mining company arrived, the city grew around it. People were brought in to build an infrastructure. Yves Desrosiers, Chamber of Commerce President - The Port-Cartier economy for sure, revolves mainly around ArcelorMittal. The majority of the people look forward to the integration. Anthony Old, Global Brand Manager - I think generally its been accepted extremely well. There will always be the odd pockets where they will be a little bit reticent about that change. Roger & Veronique Vignola - Changing names was a little hurtful. I have known Quebec Cartier for 50 years. ArcelorMittal is a big change for me. In just 60 days ArcelorMittal re-branded Port-Cartier and Mont-Wright Martin Simard, Director of Communications - Since ArcelorMittal took over, everything changed. It's totally a new game. Everything now is branded with the new logo. Generally, there has been a hugely successful response to the whole branding. There's been a careful transition of the Quebec-Cartier brand values into the ArcelorMittal organization and vice versa. The brand has a huge impact for employees. The shop floor employees can feel that something is happening. My impression of ArcelorMittal is really positive. The attitude is positive. People are joining the movement, I fully approve. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada is creating 2,200 jobs as we speak, plus 4,000 indirect jobs. There is a shortage of manpower today. We are developing something quite innovative with the local community college. We are looking at developing a metallurgy institute. Danny Labrie, Harbour Master - A good future for us coming up, a lot of exciting new projects, very good for the young people around here. Creating new jobs, it will be really really exciting. There are many new employees and integration, about 15 per week, so a lot more faces, new people. We have to renew our manpower on top of we have to restructure ourselves to respond to the way we will be working in the future. In terms of sustainable mining I think we have a tendency to talk about corporate social responsibility. Gilles Couture, Environment Manager - The relation between the companies and the community is very good since the beginning. It means that if its done correctly with proper communication it gives us a proper transition that is felt and believed with a degree of sincerity within the community. Both mayors of Fermont and Port-Cartier said we should do something to officially welcome ArcelorMittal. On August 2nd we will have a huge parade in both communities. I feel a day like today is positive in order to establish a relationship with ArcelorMittal. For Port-Cartier, ArcelorMittal is a good corporate citizen. They get involved. It's been nine months in the making and there's been a lot of effort and work going in to actually building this transitional period. This is a new start. This is a new era. People today are looking at the future with a lot of optimism. We're looking at growth. We are looking at stabilized production. We're looking at a very bright future with ArcelorMittal. © 2008 Connected Pictures Ltd.

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Posted by: arcelormittal2010 on Aug 20, 2008

ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 12

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