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Tool Presets

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[Russell Preston Brown in...] [The Russell Brown Show, Power Tips] Users love to use presets when working with brushes, but what they're missing is the ability to record some of the items found, for example, here in the options bar. For example, when working with a smudge tool, they want to set the strength and have that part of the recorded preset. And, for example, when you choose a brush tool, they want to set the mode or the opacity or even the color. But these settings aren't available as part of the brush preset. But they are available as part of the tool preset. For example, if I use the brush tool and paint here on the screen just like this, you can see that I'm painting with the current foreground color of green. Now, I want to go in and change some of the settings. Here under mode, I'm going to select multiply. Under opacity, I'm going to drop this down to 61 percent. And down here, I'm going to change my color to a bright red just like this. Now I'd like to record not only the brush presets, but the actual tool presets combined with the brush. To do that, I go up here to the upper left-hand corner and click on this fly-out menu right here. And right over here I can click on this icon to create a new tool preset. And just like that it brings up this dialog where I can change the name of the tool and, of course, check this out. I can include the color. I'm going to leave this named as it is. I'm going to click okay. It's now added that as one of my tool presets. Let's give this a test. I'm going to click on one of the other presets, and then paint on the screen, as you can see here. Then go back into my presets again, choose the preset I just created, and now I can start to paint over this. Check it out. I have all of the settings that I set up earlier, the multiply setting, the opacity setting, and the color, and, of course, the brush preset combined with that. [♪music♪][]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 6, 2010

In this episode, Russell brown shows you how to add presets to brushes in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended.

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