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Mi Bautizo -- Cancún México-HD

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Today, united under the grace of Mother Nature and with the Caribbean as a witness I invoke Yemanya, Goddess and Queen of the seas with her presence among us we unite our love for Alexander and today we celebrate his presentation to Mother Nature and his initiation as part of this whole universe. ... Ustedes han vivido como familia la alegría maravillosa del nacimiento de Alexander y ahora venimos aquí, por su nacimiento como Cristiano para ser incorporado a la iglesia así que nos preparamos para celebrar este Sacramento Hola Alex, estoy tan agradecida de que tu mamáy tu papá hayan decidido tenerte eres un regalito perfecto de Dios y me siento tan felíz de poder estar aquí en este día tan especial de tu Bautizo, en el que te conviertes en un hijo de Dios. Siempre te amaré, y espero que siempre recuerdes que Jesus te ama. Te amo bebé. Abuelita Today we choose, to always be in Alex's life, to guide him support him, and help him with what’s deemed necessary, for his development as a human being under the divine order of the universe. Hola Alex, felicidades en tu gran día me siento tan felíz de ser parte de la familia y te deseo todo lo mejor sé que Dani y Derek serán los mejores padres eres un niño tan dulce y tierno gracias por invitarme. Felicidades! Dios te bendiga So we have Canada on one side Mexico on the other and I am American, so we have all North America represented. Hi Alex, by the time you watch this video, it's possible that everything happened as your mom had been organizing it Blessings for you and I wish you success in your life, you are great, starting now. In this moment, I want to invoke the four elements The air, as the breath of the soul The water, that allows us to flow The fire, that burns, changes and transforms The earth, from where we get the things necessary to survive. and finally, as a fifth element, us, LOVE And with these elements, we close this wonderful circle of life where today Alex begins his life always blessed, and with a lot of love, by the ocean to the Mother Nature. Hi Alex, Hi hope, that my little words, are useful for you for when you are older, you won't understand them now, as you are little, everyone will wish you the best of the best I'm just going to give you some advice Never falter never give up on your projects Never falter and take the strength from where you can to achieve your goals. God bless you In today's Gospel, we have heard, words that we repeat so many times since we are little I think, that after we learn how to say mom, dad (mom always comes first right?)... I think, that the first prayer a mom teaches to their kids is this one right? "In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit" These are pretty simple words, but they come from the Baptism, they come from God our Father, who sends his Son for the Holy Spirit to live in our souls. The Baptism itself, it's a pretty simple act the most common element, the water, that we have right here, in front of us and that covers two thirds of the earth God has wanted to take his creation to be an instrument of his grace In the same way, God takes a man and a woman, the love they profess, also as an instrument. Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents, Good again takes, our human love, to give us a new life.. and through human things, very simple, very normal, here we have Alex there he is, very attentive right? he is bilingual most likely and then, on this day we don't only do something symbolic. When I was getting here, someone told me: "well father, this is just a symbol, right?" and I said, "well, yes and no, it is a symbol, but it is also a Sacrament." The love between a man and a woman is a Sacrament. here, in this place, yesterday, I was marrying and Uruguayan couple, from Asuncion, and today, we will perform another Sacrament that it really is just another instrument that God uses to send his grace to us. in marriage its cute, because there is a prayer after Our Father prayer... it is called the Nuptial Blessing where this blessing says: "...may they be blessed with children, and prove themselves virtuous parents, who live to see their children’s children..." yesterday's couple still have a long way to go, but this is the wish for every couple who marries. and today, we welcome Alex to the Church to the Christian family, to the Christian community. Hola Alex, this is your aunt Valerie- Soy tu tía Valerie I just want to say hi, today is your Baptism, it is a beautiful event. - Solo quiero decirte hola, hoy es tu Bautizo, es un evento hermoso. I'm very happy your mom invited me. - Estoy muy contenta de que tu mamá me invitó I hope that you make the choice that you want in life - Espero que tu elijas tu camino en la vida. I hope that you make the right decision - Espero que tomes la decisión correcta. I hope that you enjoy life - Espero que disfrutes la vida And I want to tell you that I love you so much - Y te quiero decir que te amo mucho. Bye-bye! ... as Antonio Machado says in a poem... "tramp there is no path, but the contrails sea" God Almighty and eternal you sent your Son to the world, to release us from satan, the spirit of evil, and once teared from darkness you took us to your Kingdom of light we ask you, that this kid, freed of the original sin the Holy Spirit lives in him, and be in your Temple your Magesty for Christ, our Lord, Amen Hola Alex, Te amo Felicidades, estoy tan orgullosa de ti al convertirte en católico prometo siempre asegurarme, de que sigas el camino y seas educado de esa forma. Te amo ... y con el caribe como testigo, Invoco a Yemanya, diosa del océano con su presencia entre nosotros, unimos nuestro amor por Alexander, y hoy, celebramos su presentación hacia la madre naturaleza y su inicio como parte del Universo. "Nos sentimos muy honrados por haber sido elegidos como sus guías a lo largo de su vida, les agradecemos, Derek y Daniela, por darnos este honor, y hoy, aquí con este inmenso océano como testigo, prometemos siempre amarlo, guiarlo, y ayudarlo, con lo que sea necesario, para su desarrollo como ser humano, bajo el orden divino del Universo Alex, I'm your Grandma my name is Kati I love you you are the reason of my existence, and your mom and dad gave me the most precious gift that is YOU Life is so simple, alway use your own judgement when making decisions. Follow your instincts, Stand out from the crowd with your quality as a human being. Always analyze life from the simplest point of view, which are the values. Use your heart, but use also your intelligence, your brain. Be creative. Give creativity to the world. Give simplicity to the world, so like a boomerang everything comes back to you Simplicity I don't know what else to tell you... I hope to be with you for many many years I love you baby Thank you. At that time, Jesus came up to his eleven disciples and told them: "every power in heaven and earth has been given to me, go then, and show it to every nation, by the Baptism. in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to follow everything I have taught to you, and know, that I will be with you, every single day, until the end of the world." Word of the Lord. Glory to you Lord Jesus Alexander Supertramp Congratulations I'm Gilberto, your Mexican Godfather. It is a privilege and a pleasure that your parents have had the kindness of choosing me as your Godfather and what to tell you, simply enjoy life, life is a wonderful gift, look where we are one of the most beautiful places that could ever exist and you are starting life with your right foot I wish you a life full of joy, health, and the best of the best I will try to keep an eye on you as much as I can, and to be close to you as much as possible, I know it will be hard because of the distance but that will be a good reason for me to go to Canada more often to be closer to you, to guide you and support you You have excellent parents, an excellent family and I know you will be a good man. I hope that many years from now we can watch this video, and remember that when you were 6 months old we were here, celebrating your Baptism. I love you Alex, have a very pleasant life. Dear Parents, and Godparents, in the Sacrament of the Baptism, the love of God will be infused by the water, and the Holy Spirit give new life to your son Alejandro that you have presented to Church try to raise him based in faith. That this divine life will be preserved out of the sin... -inaudible- Like this, moved by faith, if you are willing to accept this obligation, remembering the compromise of your own Baptism, you renounce to the sin, and proclame your faith in Jesus, who is the faith of the Church, in where Alex will be baptized. I now proceed to ask you the questions, and you respond: yes, I renounce. Do you renounce to Satan? Yes, I renounce. Do you renounce to all Satan's work? Yes, I renounce. Do you renounce to all Satan's seductions? Yes, I renounce. Now we profess, and we answer, Yes, I believe. Do you believe in God, Father, all powerful, creator of Heaven and Earth? Yes, I believe. Do you believe in Jesus Christ, his only child, our Lord, who was born from Virgin Mary, who suffered and was buried who resurrected from the dead, and who is sitting next to our Father? Yes, I believe. Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Catholic Church, in the communion of the Saints, forgiven of sins, resurrection of dead and the Eternal Life? Yes, I believe. This is our Faith. This is the Faith of the Church that we are proud to profess. In Christ our Lord. Amen. Do you want that Alejandro gets baptized in this faith of the Church that we all together, just professed? Yes. Very Good. Hi Alex, I'm Karina. I had the pleasure of meeting your parents in a very special moment of their lives. I was part of their wedding. When Dani told me that she was pregnant, she made me very happy, she is a person full of energy, I know she will be a great mom, she already is, and Derek is also a great human being. The only thing I wish to you, is that you are happy, that you enjoy life, live. and to never be scared, just like your mom. I wish you a lot of happiness, and you know that here, in Cancun, you have a home. I love you. ... en este momento, quiero invocar a los 4 elementos: El Aire, que es el respiro del alma, El Agua, que nos permite fluir, El Fuego, que quema, cambia y transforma, Y la Tierra, de donde obtenemos lo necesario para sobrevivir. Finalmente, nosotros, como un quinto elemento, el AMOR Y con estos elementos, cerramos el círculo, donde Alexander inicia, este viaje maravilloso llamado VIDA. Alex: crece como un ser humano lleno de amor, siempre bendecido por la Madre Naturaleza, este es nuestro deseo para ti, ahora y hasta la eternidad. Hi Alex, I'm Jessica, I'm one of your mommy's best friends, well, that's what I think. We have known each other since College. I am very happy to meet you today, in you Baptism. I love your mom with all of my soul. She is and will always be my best friend, I love you both, I obviously know your daddy, not as good as I know your mom, and I'm very excited to be here, sharing this great day with you, you are a little baby now, and you don't know who I am but, the day you watch this video, you will see that your mom and I will still be friends I love you, a kiss. El ropón blanco representa su transformación en una nueva criatura de Cristo, vestido en la ropa de Cristo y que es un simbolo de dignidad como un nuevo Cristiano durante su vida entera hasta que llegue a la vida eterna. And now that we are sharing this with you, Alejandro's Baptism, we are very very happy. I am sure that, Derek you will be an excellent dad Dani, you are an example to follow, a fighter, tenacious, with all the aptitudes and courage of the world I just have to congratulate you and, Alex, any day you want to come visit us here in Mexico, you have a home in Queretaro. Same guys, you know we love you, you are forming a beautiful family we love you a lot, and we wish you the best in this moment of your life. Alex, we hope to see you more often, and we love you. Brothers and sisters, Alexander has resurrected by the Baptism and he can now be called a Son of God he will receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit with Confirmation and when he comes to the altar, he will share the body of Christ and he will call Father to our Lord now we, on his behalf, we pray Todos vamos a orar, lo que Jesus nos ha enseñado El Padre Nuestro - Our Father -praying- To you, mother of this kid, feel thankful so He received him to stay always with Him. in the name of our Lord. Amen. Lord almighty, who's made us resurrect for Eternal Life, bye the water, the Holy Spirit, bless all of you, here, so everywhere and always you can be members of His town and witness of His faith to His new son, Alexander. and He gives you His peace, in the name of the Lord, Amen. and may the Lord be with you, and with your Spirit The blessing of Lord Almighty, in the name of The Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit descend on you and stays forever. Amen. We can all go in peace. Thank you Lord. Todo bien! Que tal Alex? Todo bien? Ok! Life is so simple... ...alway use your own judgement when making decisions.. ...Follow your instincts... ...Stand out from the crowd with your quality as a human being... ...Always analyze life... ...from the simplest point of view... ...which are the values... ...Use your heart... ...but use also your intelligence... ...your brain... ... Be creative ... ... Give creativity to the world ... ... Give simplicity to the world ... ... So like a Boomerang ... ... everything comes back to you ... ... I hope to be many many years with you ... I love you baby. Thank you

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