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Snc Melissa interview

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Tair : Were back at the Lansdowne "Canada Line" station, and were here with- your name please? Melissa : Melissa. Tair : Melissa, nice to meet you, so how often do you use the "Canada Line" for example in a week or so? Melissa : Frequently, Tair : Frequently, how many like maybe 5, 10 times? Melissa : Ten times, for sure, ten times. Tair : And then have you ever thought about like your safety onboard the "Canada Line"? Tair : If you could on a scale on 1 - 10, 1 being like you're never worried about your safety to 10 being you're worried about potential harm or death? Have you ever thought about safety on any of the train lines? Melissa : Um, I think that's safety, it's not like, I feel safety. Tair : Pretty safe? Melissa : Yeah, pretty safe on this transport. So yeah. Tair : So we just have a statement so: Tair : WorkSafeBC, its a company that handles any kind of work related inquiries, they actually issued 42 orders of safety violations. Tair : When they were inspecting the "Evergreen Line" out in Coquitlam, and actually an employer was fired because he brought up, he said: the work that they were doing was unsafe Tair : and the company SNC-Lavalin fired him. They said that: he was a liar, and he was making these false allegations, and so WorkSafeBC did an inquiry and they found that the Tair : the employer was lying. So does that kind of change your perspective about just how safe the "Canada Line" really is? Melissa : No, probably, I don't know it depends on the customer of transportation. Someones are feel good because its good that everyone takes the "Canada Line", "Expo Line" and transfer to their Melissa : their jobs, and work. I don't think so that, its not safe. For me its safe, it's good. Like everyday (I) take the train to transfer to the- places, to Vancouver, and it may be other people- feels like not safe. Tair : So just one last question so, just a small one : are human rights important to you? Melissa : ugh Yeah. Tair : Yeah, so when we did an inquiry we found that: temporary foreign workers from Latin America, when they were brought to Canada to help construct the "Canada Line" and the "Evergreen Line" Tair : They were actually paid less than the European workers, they got less/ worse hotel accommodations, their meals and expenses weren't paid for. And then when they refused to do unsafe work Tair : SNC-Lavalin had actually threatened to deport them out of Canada if they didn't do this work. Tair : Do you think it's okay that the Government of Canada recently just gave a "punishment reduction" to the corporation SNC-Lavalin, Tair : Because they claim that they've improved on their business practices, and they dont do 'bribery' and 'fraud' anymore - How does that make you feel personally? Melissa : I don't know, how the Government was to, to you know re-change or improve like the transportation or "Canada Line" but. I think if they can make maybe better for the rest of people, feel comfortable Melissa : Because It would be good, the Government, increase or strive, to do the best. The best job they can do for the people. You know? Tair : Thank you so much Melissa, we'll get back to you guys, have a great day!

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