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UR Drilling_ITA

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I'm Fabrizio Rossi, the owner of the Drilling company. Drilling was set up in 1994, it was a small firm, but has gradually grown, from just a few people there are now 30 of us and we're still expanding. We work mainly for the moulds industry, in automotives, hydraulics, gears, mechanical parts machining. We needed to run a drilling and threading operation on a machining centre, so we used the UR10 robot to load and unload the screws. The robot takes the part from the first station and places it in the machining centre on the first tool. First, of course, it removes the screw that's already there and inserts the screw to be machined. Then the robot moves to the second tool removes the finished screw and inserts the semi-machined screw. After this, the robot leaves the machining centre and gives the machine the signal to re-begin the machining process. Next, the robot takes the screw to a station where it is deburred and cleaned. Once this phase has been completed, the robot picks up the screw and places it in the crate next to the station. The UR10 robot operates like a tool: you can use it, but you can also keep it standing momentarily idle. The robot also works without barriers and this means we have no production constraints. We have noticed the benefits. Previously, for each shift, we had to have a worker manning the operation, which is repetitive, but can't be halted. With the UR10 robot we have been able to replace the workers and assign them to jobs with greater added value. We've also experienced other types of benefit: first, increased productivity. Also, the collaborative robot is easy to install, program and use and so we were able to handle these operations ourselves. Thanks to the improvements in the production process, the investment paid for itself within a year.

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UR Drilling_ITA

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