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[Suspense Music] [Intro Intense Theme] ♫ 50's Music ♫ Monsters. Do Have Their Place! In The Zoo. In you're Nightmares. In The Deep In you're favorite horror movies! But not in you're living room. On you're TV. Don't let Pay TV be the monster in your living room. Pay TV and TV companies are seeking the right to charge you for the very programs that you watch for free. If you want to stop Pay TV and save Free television. Find the Petition in the lobby of this theater. Let you're lawmakers know how free in the fight against free TV and cable TV. ♫Retro Music Ends♫ There's Plenty of time to treat yourself to something good to eat our refreshment center. [Theater Music] We Ask Your Cooperation. In helping to keep our theater clean. Please Deposit containers and trash deposables in your theater. Thank you! And now. On with the show. 5 4 3 2 1 0 [Scream] ♫MAIN HORROR THEME♫ ♫80s Music♫ [Diego Grunts] [Diego Grunts] [Can Pops] [Lighter Fickers] [Cinematic theme] Damn it [80's Music plays] Okay. This is 85.1 with breaking news. There is a intense search. In the Wauconda area as a man believed to be armed and dangerous, After escaping Wauconda Mental Asylum. Earlier today. Witnesses in the area say the man is disfigure. Weighs 175 pounds and is 5 foot 5. If you have any information. Please contact authority. And now we go back to our old school jam. ♫80's Music♫ I wonder if this ho is available for another booty call right now. Ahh Shit. Nevermind She works. [Creepy Piano] [Creepy Piano Intense] 80's Music♫ [Denzel Grunts] ♪Door Closes♪ ♪Open Sound♪ Dam they ain't shit in here. to eat. Dam. Dam. They ain't shit in here to eat either. Dam. They aint shit in here either. Shit in there either. Sad Piano♪ Oh shit. ♪Chewing ♪Power On Well, It's lit man. It's always lit over here. ♪Woman Screaming Another year of the young. Yes. But, It's always fucking lit over here look. Like for-real. I'm letting you hear it. Suspense Twist♪ I gotta get closer. ♪Scary Music ♪Suspense Twist Oh Shit. He couldn't of been looking at me. ♪Door Slam♪ Oh shit. ♪Door Slam♪ ♪Suspense Twist Oh Fuck. What am I gonna do. I gotta get out of here. Fuck! ♪Door knob shakes ♪Door Slams No fucking phone. Nobody here. I need some fucking protection. A fucking knife. A fucking knife. Fuck. ♪Cinematic Twist♪ ♫Grindhouse Music♫ ♪Door Knob Shakes♪ Fuck. I gotta get this phone dried. Fuck. Gotta get this phone dry. Fuck There it go. Fuck. ♪Knocks on window♪ ♫Scary Music♫ ♪Opens window ♫Suspense Theme♫ What the fuck. ♪Closes Door♪ ♪Cinematic Twist I can't do this shit anymore. If this motherfucker want me he gonna have to come and get me. ♪Opens Door ♪Dog Barking Det: Cooper: Fucking Dogs ♪Scary Music PD. Is anyone in here. ♪Dogs Barking Manny. Were gonna need some back up. ♪Suspense Theme ♪Police Siren ♫Rock 'N Roll Music♫ ♫Regular 80's Music♫ Oopss. Rope. Just in case. ♪Door Slam Are you fucking kidding me. What the fuck. ♪Music Ends♫ ♫80's Horror Music♫ Oh my fucking god. This fucking bitch. ♪Footsteps Phone. Keys. Keys. Keys ♪Door Slams ♪Werewolf Howl ♪Open Door ♫80's Electric Music Plays♫ ♫80's Electric Music Plays♫ ♫80's Electric Music Plays♫ ♪Crickets ♪Door Closes ♪Suspense Theme Fuck are you looking at? Do you have you're food? So yea, I just got out here at my parents house. Finally. Fucking felt like it took Forever! Yea. No. Thank god. I was at work all fucking day. And I got. I got to say it was a long one too. So yea, What you're doing tonight? Ight, Well. Shit if I wasn't so tired I'd would join you, but-. I'm fucking tired tho. I'm probably gonna get to sleep. I gotta say I get the best sleep out here cause it's so quiet. It's so- It's so quiet. It's fucking creepy. Like I can hear myself echoing. Alright Man, alright I'll talk to you later. I'll see. Umm I'll let you know about tomorrow. Alright. Peace out. It' so fucking quiet. ♪Door Closes ♪Suspense twist ♪Heavily Breathing ♫Scary 80's Music♫ ♫Suspense Theme ♪Birds Singing ♪Suspense Music Begins ♪Heavily Breathing ♪Footsteps ♪Scary Music Ends ♪Suspense Theme ♪Suspense Twist♪ ♪Phone Alarm Rings ♪Dogs Barking Hi, Honey me and you're father away for some time be back soon. Love , Mom. This Doesn't even look like their fucking and writing. ♫80's Workout Music Begins♫ ♫Piano Music fades away♫ Intense Drum Beat♪ ♫80s Music Begins♫ ♪Suspense Twist ♪Keys Shaking ♪Door Slams I didn't leave the TV on. ♪Heavily Breathing ♪Suspense Twist Horror Music Begins♫ ♪Bump ♫Suspense Music What the fuck? ♪Footsteps ♪Door Opens ♪Gun locked ♪Door Opens ♪Suspense Music Must of just been my imagination. ♪Door Closes ♪Door Closes ♪Door Closes ♪Suspense Theme What ever. I'm Probably just over reacting anyway. ♪Footsteps Get out of here. ♪Locks door ♪Door Closes ♪Water turns off ♪Water Turns off ♪Water runs ♫Scary Music ♪Water fades away♪ ♪Suspense twist ♪Sliding Door Opens♪ ♪Phone vibrates Hello? Hello? ♪Closes Door Hello? ♪Scary Music Ends ♪Opens Door ♪Suspense Theme If you guys can answer the phone. I would really appreciate it. I don't know what you guys are doing, but you guys need to call me back. As soon as you can. So-. Alright Well, Talk to you guys later. What the fuck? Why is that opened? ♪footsteps♪ ♪dogs barking♪ ♪phone rings♪ Hello? Hello? I- I can't hear you. What- Hello? Hello? What ever! ♪Suspense Twist ♪Suspense Twist ♪Suspense Twist ♪Suspense Twist ♪Knock on door ♪Dog Barks Who the fuck is that? ♪Door Opens ♪Door Closes ♪Dogs Barking ♪Phone Rings Hello Scary Breathing♪ Hello? Scary Breathing♪ Hangs up♪ ♪Phone Rings Hello? Get Out of the House! ♪Knock on door Dogs Bark Suspense Theme Begins ♪Crickets ♪Wood Falls ♪footsteps♪ Door Closes♪ Deep Breathing♪ Door Opens♪ ♪Suspense Music♪ Uh yea. Can you connect me to the Wauconda Police Department Please? Alright. Sure. Uh yea. Hello my name is Diego Velazquez. I'm a- Uh. I'm actually a police cadet for the Chicago Police Department. And uh. I'm just visiting my parents in the area. Uh I'm getting a bunch of obscure phone calls. Somebody keeps ding dong ditching me. And uh I was hoping that one of you guys can sent like a police cruiser out or something? I'd just really appreciate it. Alright. Thank you. ♪phone rings Hello? You're Next! Get Out the House Now. Look Jack-ass I'm a police officer and I have back-up coming. Suspense Theme♪ Uh. Yea. Hello- Can you connect me to the Wauconda Police Department Please? Alright. Hey uh. I called about five minutes ago. It's Diego Velazquez again. I keep getting a call from some punk. You guys said you're be out here by now Weird thing just keep happening. Is there anyway. You guys can trace the number or something? Yea. Alright. Hold on. The number says 555-212-5555 Alright. Alright. Yea just call this number. Alright. Bye. ♪phone rings Hello? Deep Breathing♪ Hello? Who the fuck is this? Deep Breathing♪ Phone hangs up♪ Phone Rings again♪ Hello? Scary Music Begins♫ Uh. Yea- Yea I have a gun. I uh Oh shit. Uhh. I just fucking had it! I have no idea where it is! Jesus Christ. When the fuck are you gonna be here? This is fucking bull-shit! Suspense Music Rises♫♫ Suspense Music Rises♫ footsteps♪ Jesus Christ! footsteps♪ Scary Music♫ Falls down stairs♪ Suspense Theme♫ Yes. Hello. Can you connect me to the Wauconda Police Department Please? Yea. It's Uh that cadet Diego calling again. I got the son of a bitch! Yea he fell down the stairs. Suspense Theme♪ Where the fuck are my keys? Shit upstairs! I gotta get the fuck out of here. Running♪ Wind Blowing♪ Where the fuck I'm I gonna go anyways. Police Sirens♪♪ The fucking sirens. Police Sirens♪ Wind Blowing♪ WInd Blowing♪ ♪Suspense Music♪ Fuck. Door Opens♪ Suspense Theme♪ Footsteps♪ Suspense Twist♫ Closes Door♪ Suspense Theme♪ Footsteps♪ Horror Music Rises♫ Suspense Twist♪ Footsteps♪ Opens Door Music Fades Scary Music♫ Stay down! I'm warning you. Get the fuck down! I'll shoot. I'm Serious! I'm Serious Fall down stairs♪ Gun Fires once♪ [Panting] Scary Music Rises♪ Stay the fuck back! I'm warning you man. I dont want to shoot you! Dogs Barking♪ Stay the fuck back! Shoot gun twice♪ Sad Music Begins♪ Electric Music Play♫ Car alarm♪ Suspense Music Begin♪ This is 85.1 with Breaking News Update. Police are on the man hunt for a man identify as Bill JaCaverage. After escaping Wauconda Mental Hospital-. At around 10 PM. It was said that Billy had an Accomplist with him I got a quote from Sherif Saxon from the Wauconda Police Department He said-. JaCoverage and his friend. Maybe difficult to find. Because they are both comfortable in the woods. In the past they stays in the wild for weeks or months. He could be right in front of our face camping or he already left the area. We do't have exact details on if he has weapons- But he doe's have a history of being violent and dangerous. Suspense Theme♪ Suspense Music Fades away♪ Scary Drum Beat♫ Manny Velazquez Ending Credit Music Begins♫ New Reporter Talks Horror Music Fades away♫

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