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Garry Guan Campaign Speech at Gwinnett County GOP Memorial Day Bar-B Q Party

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Hear this exciting message. We are going to win this district! We are going to win this state senate seat here in Georgia. Put a Republican in that seat. There has never been a conservative there. So Garry, would you please come up! Hello everyone! Are you excited yet? Yes! I am, definitely! You know, this state of Georgia for the last twenty years has been growing so fast. One of the contributing factors of the population growth is Asian Americans. And in our state, the Asian American population is over two hundred thousand! And also in recent years this great county we are living in, Gwinnett County, has already surpassed DeKalb County, became the most Asian American population county. And it is more than ten percent! And, as, one of the things I want to mention is that, with ..., even though we have enough population, but look at the state legislature, we are not represented! And that is part of the reason I am running for State Senate. And the other reason, When I ... after I moved from Duluth to this new area, and I looked at some of the records. And I know that district number 5 has been holding by my Democrat incumbent opponent for three terms unopposed! I say, hey, it's our turn! Yeah! Yeah! And yesterday, Sunday, I had attended two Memorial Day services. One was in my own church. And the other one, I visited another great friend of mine, Pastor William Sheals, probably a lot of you know him. And he has delivered a powerful Memorial Day message. And his message gave me some other hints too. He was talking about Genesis, Joshua 4 and talking about the children of Israel from all the twelve tribes need to send one man, pick up one piece of stone, guess where? at the bottom of the Jordan River! And that was high water season. Of course, God will hold the water, let them walk. But the people, the children of Israel, have to do the walk. And my message today to you is that well, all the twelve tribes need ... everybody needs to be represented. And I, of course, will be one of the Asian American tribes who is now here needs to be represented. And this humble Chinese-American is just one piece of that rock and I need your help to carry me on your shoulder, come across the Jordan River to the promised land. And you will make that happen! My good friends, folks, this is history in the making. And you will make that happen! That rock will become part of the memorial, that this is, in two hundred thirty-three years of Georgia history, the first Asian American Senator!

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Posted by: rdscholar on Jun 24, 2009

Garry Guan's fisrt campaign speech at Gwinnett County GOP Memorial Day Bar-B Que party on May 25, 2009 in Dacula, Georgia.

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