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NAD - In the Trenches

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Hello again. This is Bobbie Beth Scoggins, your president of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). NAD board members are putting a real face on our organization. We have been out there working in the trenches, attending meetings, international and state organizations, providing presentations and attending celebrations during 2007. I have noticed several positive things happening with state associations. We have 45 state associations hosting conferences, from Texas to Florida to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Jersey, just to name a few. This month conferences will also take place in Arizona, North Dakota, Maryland, and Kentucky. There were several national conferences happening this month. I just got back from the National Black Deaf Advocates Conference in St. Louis, where they celebrated their 25 year anniversary. While attending the conference, NAD and the NBDA were able to work together, have a dialogue, and establish a partnership. We have many common goals with a common agenda. I am very excited about our relationship and the wonderful future that NBDA and NAD will have. There were other meetings going on as well, such as the Deaf Seniors of America, Deaf Women United, American Society for Deaf Children, and the National Asian Deaf Congress, which Nancy Bloch, our CEO, just attended. This give and take with individuals and conferences that have a common goal will make our job at the NAD easier. This makes for a stronger deaf America. You may be wondering what we will be doing for the next two weeks. Nancy Bloch and I will be attending the World Federation of the Deaf in Madrid, Spain. The two of us from NAD will be delegates, representing the United States. There will be 125 countries that will come together, and each country will have two representatives. We will discuss issues, such as the right to have sign language and human rights. We will talk about deaf women’s rights, deaf minority rights, and what we can do on an international level. I look forward to bringing information back to our constituents, our members, our state association, and our affiliates on what we can do to improve our civil rights here in America We sent three young individuals to attend the World Federation of the Deaf Fourth Youth Camp in Segovia, Spain, from July 6 through July 15. The three individuals we sent are Ryan DiGiovanni, James “Manny”Johnson, and Melissa Malzkuhn. They are now working and receiving information and training on a national level. I just received an e-mail from them last night, and they said they learned so much about what they can do to be a stronger advocate, a young youth advocate, for us. I look forward to sharing that information with all of you. I want to send a special thanks to the sponsor of these three individuals, Dr. Ben Soukup of CSD, who made it possible to send these three individuals to Spain. NAD and CSD have a common goal related to youth and youth initiatives. So again we want to send a special thanks to Dr. Ben Soukup for sending these three young individuals. I will return to the states on July 31st. I will see you all once again out in the trenches, as we work together to have a strong deaf America.

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Posted by: mlsmolens on Apr 2, 2019

National Association of the Deaf, (NAD) President Bobbie Beth Scoggins has a new vblog on the NAD website using sign language. dotSUB captioned it and it is available for subtitling - interesting new use for the dotSUB tool making available to everyone videos made with sign language.

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