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李小龙'07年亲自上身/通灵! 亲述截拳道奥秘: 他死后的察觉, 他的平静

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Desteni presents: Interdimensional Portal Interview Bruce Lee Interview 1 of 4 Hi, this is Bruce Lee and i am Speaking to you, from the Dimensions well, the Dimension would be the Place where you go when you Die and i am Grateful, to have the ability to come Here and speak through this Inter-Dimensional Portal Completely Present as who I Am and i'd like to communicate to you about my Experience on Earth and what i've Realized, of my Experience on Earth when i Got to the Dimensions well, my Death was Greatly a Surprise [em] even to myself as i had so much more that i Wanted to Accomplish. and Experience Here on Earth and have human beings Realize and it was a very difficult Transition Period for me, when i died and i died, to me [laughs] way too Young and i didn't Understand i was very Angry, for a very Long time After i Died and yeah it's Wonderful to speak Fluent English [laughs] and [em] what i Realized when i got to the Dimensions when i died what happened to Many People that Tried to make a difference in this World was that they were Removed very Quickly from this world and because i started making such a Big Impact on many people [em] you know, it did happened it happens that there are some beings in this Existence that was not in this World, but in Another world and the what you called - the Dimensions that is the Place where the Existence, of that Part of Life or that Part of the Existence, that people are not Aware of that are people don't See [em] that people don't Hear of and that is Why i am Here to Speak to you About that to Explain to you, but what is Going On in this World? what is going on, that's not been Spoken of that's not been Heard of and that has not been Seen and that is Important because i am Here, and Each one of you in this World is Here and it is Impossible to Deny the Existence of Something that is in this World and in this Existence that is Part of you because in that Denial you are denying That Part of Yourself and that is what i have to Make Peace with after i'd gotten so Angry, when i died so Quickly and [em] yeah, so let me continue [em] in my Life in my World - Here on Earth i found a Method that presented that Peace within Myself that presented that part that people find difficulty to place and find Within Themselves - that part of that Movement of Self so and that is the part that i Discovered ever since i was a Child and ever since i was a child i Found that that the part Inside myself that was Peaceful that was that Presence when you go Silent inside yourself Completely and what i Discovered through the Movement of myself within that is that it Brings you - more and more and more Deeper and deeper and deeper, Inside Yourself that you find that part, inside yourself where you Experience that Vastness of Infinity and that's the part that i Accessed that's the part i designed each and every single Human Being to Access because what i realized, is that Life is Difficult Life was a Struggle and Life is Hard for many people and to find a place of Silence to find a place of Peace inside you is not simple [em] you know, i tried to find Different Methods to to discover that Peace i had, when i was a Child i mean all Children Experienced that and i came to a part in my Life, where i wondered: where did that Peace go? where did that Silence go? Inside me when i was a Child and how can i, bring that Peace Inside me Back? well Not that it was Gone, but i found that that i was Responsible for that Peace Inside me that...that Movement of Myself in that Silence in that Vastness Here that that Vastness of Infinity Inside you that has you just Become Here you know when you breathe and you just then you Sit and your place in your Presence of yourself is within you Here and you take that Breath and as you Breathe in you Breathe - In and you feel your Breath inside Each and every single part of your Physical Body and you Lift and its like Lifting yourself Up inside yourself and you Breathe in and then you just Let Everything go and then you Breathe out and then that Breathing out, you place your Presence of yourself Here and it's an Absolute Presence an Absolute Experience and you know your sensitive of Each and Every Single part of Yourself and what i Enjoyed the Most is in that Presence and within that Experience of Myself in every single part of my Body you know, nothing else Exist but that that Expression of yourself we don't have extensive words to Describe it but i mean that's how i'd place it then within that Experience, you start Realizing but what is all that stuff where does all that Unnecessary Frustration, that Unnecessary Anger, that Unnecessary Sadness come from? you know, that thoughts are running in you mind the Whole Time that kind of Constrict your Muscles that kind of Make you Feel all claustrophobic inside yourself and that's when i started using the Movements i did and developed the Movements i did that was quite Unique and quite Individual because i just Allow from that Point of Presence that's mainly how i practiced it i just sat i did the Breathing Presence of Breath Breathing in, as i Breathe in i let go of all those Unnecessary inside me because all i require, is my Presence as myself as the Essence of myself in my Physical Body where you become Aware of Each and Every Single Movement and you go down to the Molecules inside you and as you Breathe out you Place yourself as a Presence of yourself Here and then all i did was i could See the Movements inside me but it wasn't in my mind it was inside me as though my Physical Body as myself was Saying to me - this is the way you know, this is the Strength this is the intensity you have to Move it with, and from That i placed it Inside me i - it is a - it's not it's like, you are designing your Physical Body as yourself to be Able to do the Movements that is Required to be done that is shown by Yourself in your Physical Body [em] that's how i Developed Myself and that's how i had the Ability, to Express my Presence my Here as myself as One Due to the YouTube time constrains we cannot load the full video, for the full clip search for Desteni on For messages from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews to be screened shortly - Steve Irwin, Oscar Wilde, Hendrik Verwoerd.

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