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Lawyers & Equal Money

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LAWYERS & EQUAL MONEY So we are looking Lawyers in an Equal money system Now what is fascinating about "law" Is law is very much like Being an actor in Hollywood Because if you get the right case You suddenly rich and well known Doesn't matter whether you are actually promoting the "truth" Or what's best for all No! It's just who can lie the best and you get "paid" for it Fuck knows that's capitalism For you, isn't it? that's Free choice for you that's a Free economic system for you? That's the happiness! Pursuit of the American dream A lie Lie Who's the best liar? and then you get "money" for it Can't get better than that It's all just an Act and who's the actor? Whoever can lie the best Pretending Obviously When we get To an Equal money system When you do law You will be doing it Because You love what is best for all You are pure at heart You are a real human being You are not a faker That is just busy with Shaking things up To make money So Those that are For some reason Stuck in the Capitalist system of profit Probably because when you were a child You didn't get milk You got milk shake Therefor you were a shaker and a faker But We will not blame you for such Atrocities that You can do it so Absolutely without Caring and you call it love! Obviously Ha ha ha I love to win Yah, that's a different kind of love Is that real love? No I love to make money! Is that real love? No I love sex! Is that real love? No I love a good story! Is that real love? No So what would be real love? Is to have People that truly care Equal money Will at last "expose" the truth and therefore We will have, with Equal money Heaven on earth Fascinating isn't it? 1 + 1 = 2 We all know these things But imagine You will still attack Desteni Ha ha ha ha Because we dare To expose Your fraudulent Life

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Duration: 2 minutes and 48 seconds
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: Desteni
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 1, 2011

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