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CS 5.5 Overview

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Hi, I'm Richard Galvan, product manager for Flash Professional here at Adobe, and I'm really excited to introduce you to the Creative Suite 5.5. We've actually seen some trends that are really affecting the way customers create content. These trends are proliferation of devices and form factors, changes in web standards and also end-user expectations of how content should look and behave on the web. We spent a lot of time talking to our customers about some of the challenges that we're having with creating content for multiple screens and Creative Suite 5.5 is all about addressing these challenges and making it easier to create content and deliver it across multiple devices and screens. So we're focusing on a few key areas. First of all, HTML5. A lot of our customers have asked us for support for HTML5, and we're delivering this with the improvements we've done in Dreamweaver, support for the the new HTML5 tags, CSS3, media queries, also a new live view that allows you to view content across different screen sizes and of course, support for jQuery which we're actually contributing to. Next, obviously, Flash. We've made some tremendous improvements within FlashPro, Flash Builder, and of course, the Flex framework, to not only help you create content or take existing content, repurpose it, and deliver it to these devices, but also tremendous improvements in performance running on these devices as well. And of course, being able to take that content and deliver it to both Android, BlackBerry and iOS and also support the stores for each one of these platforms. Next, InDesign CS 5.5. We already know that Adobe's a leader in print, and now with InDesign CS 5.5 and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we can take existing content and actually start to repurpose that content, add in activity, add some video, and create some highly engaging interactive publications which we already have hundreds of titles available on the market today. And in video, we've also made some tremendous improvements in production premium. There are some performance enhancements for Premiere in the new Mercury Playback Engine and some great new features in After Effects. My personal favorite? The Warp Stabilizer. It's actually magic. I'm very excited about the Creative Suite 5.5. I know you will be too. Download the trial and check it out.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 3 seconds
Language: English
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Posted by: adobetv on May 4, 2011

Adobe Product Manager Richard Galvan shares the exciting new capabilities of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

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