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Geek Group: Thumper - Aluminum Mesh

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[cool Geek Group Explosion Sound FX] Hi there guys! I'm Chris Boden, and welcome to the Geek Group. I'm here today with Joe Simon, who is one of our local members, and just absolute rock star. And you brought an interesting toy in. (Joe) Some Aluminum mesh, it's a used prefilter... (Chris) Okay. (Joe) ...and there is multiple layers of this. This is just stripped down... (Chris) Prefilter. (Joe) ...just takes the chunks out of the air. (Chris) This is for like - you work with automotive paint, (Joe) Correct. This is just filtering the air as it comes in, just getting the bees and the fuzzies out. (Chris) Okay. (Joe) So we're just going to see what this does when it takes a... capacitance disharge hit. (Chris) So we're gonna try this through Thumper. (Joe) Correct. (Chris) Okay. So we're gonna blow something up in the name of science. Now this is Thumper, where we have a piece of the aluminum mesh loaded in. You can hear we've got air on the bank. So, I'm going to go over, and we are going to push the big red button of science. [warning buzzer] Zz! Zz! Zz! (Chris) Fire when ready! [loud bang] [geeks laughing] (Chris) And there's still 300 volts left on the bank. Thumping. (Joe) That will be a big favorite. (Chris) That's... that's pretty good. [geeks laughing] (Chris) Alright, so, here, you guys, what do you guys think, was that better? [a few people] Yeah. Are we going to try some fun noise? (Chris) Yeah, that was loud. [Chris laughing] [random geek] I think it'd be better at night. (Chris) Oh, yeah, but we don't do this after 9, 'cause the neighbors will like, there will be dudes in the parking lot, with like, torches and pitchforks. And that's just bad. Alright, so, I'm Chris Boden, that's Joe Simon, and Dave, and Steve, and the whole rest of the gang. Hey! Cory! Right here, who hates being on videos, this is Cory. This is Cory. [random geek] The back of Cory. You guys, have fun, please remember to rate, comment, subscribe, and donate. It's your support, Paypal, [email protected], that makes this possible. That allows us to share all these toys, with all these people, and with you. So help us out, make a Paypal donation... I don't care if it's a buck, or 5 bucks, or whatever works for you. Donate. Paypal. What is it? [email protected] So you guys have fun, I'll see you next time. ♫ [techno out music] (female narrator) This video is made possible by a grant from the Futuregirl Foundation. (male narrator) This video was made possible by thousands of private donations from members, and viewers like you. Please visit for more information on how you can donate, and become a part of our dreams of Avalon. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on May 12, 2011

Aluminum Mesh with Capacitance Discharge

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