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rav berg re'eh 2001 edited 2017

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To have the ability to see, is what this parashat is all about. The power to see Now, we have a great deal of precepts, it speaks about the curses, it speaks about the blessings, it was even a little stranger is that first verse says "as see, behold I give before you blessing and curse" Blessing and curse. Where's the idea that should come to our minds now that we are students of Kabbalah is, does God curse? And the answer "Of course not!" It is not God that curses or blesses God has established certain principles Laws and principles that keep this world in balance Laws and principles that permit free will to choose when we are in sync, when we are in harmony with the laws and principles of the universe we then tap into the Lightforce of God. However, were we to violate, were we to... I don't want to use the world "desecrate". But were we to commit acts that are contrary to the harmonious flow of this universe, then we'd short circuit, we short circuit those principles and just as in a short circuit one receives a shock! Same electrical current can be positive and could also be a negative and the difference lies in how we make use of it, how we apply it, if we follow the rules and principles of the electrical current, then, we have every reason to look forward to the benefits. See that I give for you blessing and curse. See, understand, the laws and principles of this universe and that's what Kabbalah is all about. It goes behind This wonderful fables and tales and stories of Torah, goes into its deeper implication providing us with the laws and principles of this universe. If we conform to the methodology, to the signs of this universe, we then will afford the luxury of tapping into the Lightforce of God which then is inevitable in bringing us the things that we seek in life, in improving our lives. However, at the same time, are we to violate some of these laws and principles of the universe? And we do not conform To the exact methodology, exact technology that is precisely described in Torah unfortunately, maybe through a table, maybe through a story maybe through a metaphor, and assume that that is the intent of Torah, then, we have violated, as Torah says, as Kabbalah says, you have violated that initial request, that initial principle, and there is to see, to understand the methodologies, the technology of what makes up this universe. We cannot just arbitrarily choose to behave the way we want to, there are laws and principles, you wanna behave any which way you want, that is freedom of choice! No one has the right to tell you that you can't or should not what each everyone of us can do is share information that is the principle in Kabbalah! You do not stress the importance of doing, or not doing but rather, if you want to improve your life, if you want to enhance your presence in this planet, these are the principles whether you agree or do not agree it's not even important but from the kabbalistic point of view, which is 4,000 years old in this written form that if you observe these principles, then you can access into the Lightforce of God. You will then have the ability to see between the lines, or as we sometimes even express it after hearing something so many times over and over and over again you then say "Ahhh! I now see it." What you mean "you now see it", you heard it. No! Seeing is something that goes far and beyond that written word! So true in this section, the words of Torah punishment, crime, violation, reward... Those were all terms that require us to go deeper, to see what the true implication of all of these terms are all about. Shabat Shalom to all of you!

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