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Pastilito rqrmnt.

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Mao ni among mga question para nimo sir... first is... (L)What are your preparations in... before you engage in this type of business? (I)Well ah... When we engage in business, you don't have to rush things, dapat magplano mo daan, magplano. so you have to plan it out, so especially you have to include your preparation, including na siya business plan pag naa moy business plan, nakahan-ay na na tanan ang inyong mga strategies and kung.... ...magtukod ka ug business dapat naa ka sa lugar nga daghang tao. Pareha ni siya, easily access ra siya and... you have to kuan sa imong target market, like students, kana kay since kuan ang populations sa Naawan kay mostly students man so... we have to kuan...ahhh offer food nga para budget ra jud sa students... (P)umm, Sir, What are your special kills... skills and characteristics that are related to your business? (I) Since I am a HRM student, I am more on, kuan, sa offering services and baking... since nag study pud ko ug baking for 3 weeks or more pa ug maka offer pud ko ...and asides ana I can also cook... (L)How did you solve business related problems during the early years of your business operation? (I) Business problems... Normal mana siya, so like, example, butang nato Kamo, magdine mo, din magcomplain mo, so... as a Manager or owner ani, we have to find ways... nga ma-offer nila sa ila ang mga masatisfy sila sa imong mga services nga ma offer (P)ummm, sir, how you follow the tips from a successful business man or practitioner before you engage in your business? (I) Actually wala kaayo ko nag follow sa ilang method man... more kuan ko sa ilang saying like "Work hard", "Works matter" ...and "Always believe in God" kung unsa iyang kaya. so pag magtrabaho ka ana, magpray ka, ihatag mana sa imuha... (L) Next sir, what are your best business practices that you can share to us aspiring students? (I) Always persevere, then ayaw mo'g dali ka discourage kay ana man jud naa gyu'y problema ...bisag karon naa man me problema, pero masulbad ra mana (P)Next sir is... What are the salient characteristics, attributes lifestyle, skill and trait that made you successful in your job right now? (I) Uhm? (L) unsay, unsay kuan sir nga para sa imoa sir nga kanang... nakapabuhat bitaw sa imo karon nga masuccessful ka? (I) kuan lang, ah, kung unsay naa sa imo sa imong i-offer sa palibut nimo... you have to grab it, dili ka dapat mangita sa layo nga tuay opportunity didto, so dapat... magtan-aw pud ka sa imo palibot, kay everywhere naa may opportunity. Di na ka kinahanglan manarbaho, kung gusto ka ma kuan nga... ikaw ang kaugalingon nga imong boss, mangita ug pamaagi, diskarte-diskarte lang... (P) Thank You Sir, thank you for that sir, we already got the questions answered...Thank you again sir.

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