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Jacque Fresco - Collapse, Transition, Politics, Systems Approach

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(Audience member) Can I ask you a question? In a collapse of the system when you talk about a collapse occurring what do you see or what do you envision when you talk about the collapse? - I envision a lot of people losing their jobs and that the funding put forth by the president to try to bail out companies will not work because it doesn't offer a better system or a competitive product. Now if General Motors had an automobile that was better than the Toyota: cheaper more miles, less polluting, it'll sell. If we say: "We're gonna bail out General Motors" if they don't have a project that we can look at and say: "Yes it is better than Toyota, it will enable us to survive." But I don't know what they're putting out. I think they're gonna put out just another rendition of a chevy or whatever it is. I don't... I've never seen any product that I feel would be non-competitive meaning: cheaper, faster, better, lighter longer lasting, then you'll survive. If your products aren't that, you'll sell a few. And people don't have the purchasing power to buy your car unless you give the banks money to lend them money. So it doesn't make sense. What Obama is doing, to me, doesn't make sense. I believe he feels that industry is the core of American enterprise and if you give money to industry, they will hire people. But if you give money to people, they will purchase things. And then industry will take care of that. If you got an order for 10,000 cars you can get the money from a bank but don't give it to industry, That's not the answer. Unless industry presents you with a blueprint of a product that's competitive. Does that answer your question? (Audience member) Well I was thinking in terms of the collapse... Do you see just a collapse of the financial system? - OK. I see what you want to know. - Or do you see it going on more than that, where we have basic systems coming down, like the electrical grid, things like that. How bad of a disaster are you envisioning that it will take? - I'll tell you what I envision, ok? I envision millions of people with lack of purchasing power medical care then, as it gets worse since they're cutting back on spending of funding and food for the hungry. If they cut back, they would have mass riots. Mass riots will result in minorities being in the house by 9 o' clock in certain districts. They don't want them walking around in the streets. So they'll be imprisoned or put in their house. Or: "Stay in your house and you come out tomorrow morning at 7, that's OK." They will regulate the time. It's called fascism. But fascism won't work for a long period of time. It temporarily holds people in check. If there is no purchasing power, insufficient purchasing power they can't maintain a police force or army. So fascism, unless you take over all the industries and everything and then operate the government by big business. But they don't need it, they don't need to do anything. They make the laws, you obey them, or you're out. I see fascism as probable. I see chaos, riots, all kinds of trouble. More crime, people, break-ins. I see cars for sale very cheap because people don't have money. And the housing problem will continue because government doesn't offer anything. Government, meaning: In order for a money system to operate, you have to tax some people to get the money. If most people are not working, you can't tax them. So you have to cut back on medical care, education... all the other areas that the system can't support. Chaos means when the government steps in finally, and says: "9 o' clock is the time you go into your house." The government will regulate that. Government, meaning Industry. That's what I mean by "Government". There's no real government. Obama is elected, but we're operating according to Republican standards as I understand it. I don't see any change. He's building a bigger army, sending more munitions out there in the war zone. We have bases all over the world. He hasn't changed that. They're not dealing with the problem, in other words. The problem is: All nations need access to resources. If you deprive them of that, there's going to be trouble. No matter how many treaties you sign if the treaty doesn't serve the interest of that nation. We sign treaties and break them because it doesn't serve our interest. You understand? But the signing of the treaty temporarily quells a lot of noise. So Obama really doesn't know what to do. He just has a lot of advisers but they're all advisers within the monetary system, that's your problem. It's like, in the early days of primitive society the guys would advise people to get their bow and arrows together there only within the context of that system. We don't have an area in Washington called "Problem Solving". Where it's like a Pentagon. How do you do this? What do you do about traffic accidents? And the authority to ACT, not merely gather that more people are killed in this month, than last month but it has quieted down this month, next month the death rate is higher. They have no authority to act. Without the authority to act you have nothing. So we would have what's called a Special Contingencies Department. That have immediate access to food in case there's an earthquake, they act. They don't have to go through Congress and tell them what the problem is. They act. They have the right, the vehicles, to act with. So, I don't have any... There's very few meetings. Like if there's a terrible earthquake in Japan I think I told you we would use the North and South Pole to store surplus food. That would be accessible to any Nation that had a problem. As immediate as we could make it. There are airplanes that carry the food and drop it or whatever other means there are for transporting. Now, when you figure the cost of war they usually tell you how many billions of dollars were spent on the war. But the real problem is the 500 ships sunk with copper, brass, all kinds of materials we were transporting war tanks to Europe and the German submarines sank about 500 ships that's a lot of resources and that's what I worry about; not how much did it cost. The resources that were sunk. Now the radioactive material and the poison gas carried on ships, other than what we dumped, upsets the ocean balance. Now, what do you do about that? We would have groups of people working on oceanography problems. And they have the authority to act when they find out things. Now with the oceanography department, there's another department the problem solvers in oceanography. How to restore the reefs. How to build a matrix for the reef to form around. It's not just a survey. There's groups that can act that's connected to the oceanography people. What the oceanography department does is tell you we're losing reefs in these regional divisions of the Mediterranean When I say regional divisions, I mean longitude and latitude In the early days, they used to name streets "1,2,3,4,5" But if you bought a "26", you're far out of town. You'd have to drive to work. So they change the numbers to Cascayasco Street or Smith's Street. You never knew how far out that was. Do you understand? So we're going to have to change all that. Instead of calling Man a "Pithecanthropus Erectus" You don't take latin names and complicate the system it'll be D44. Means a "Pithecanthropus Erectus". In other words: Instead of your name, say your name is John Smith There's thousands of John Smiths So they have to take your fingerprints and all. In the future, the army has a serial number, which they assign you. So, in the future, when you read "D44 11B" It means you're interested in art music, science and technology. Their name will tell you whether you can relate to them or not.

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Duration: 9 minutes and 27 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: The Venus Project
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Posted by: ltiofficial on May 19, 2010

Dialogue and Q&A with Jacque Fresco on July 26, 2009. Covering collapse and transitional issues, politics, and systems approach.

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