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TEDxJakarta - Arief Azis

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Ok.. can I ask you guys a quick favour TEDxJakarta is three people. It's me, it's Karina and it's Tika Today is Karina's birthday So I'm gonna just... um... grab a quick clip of you guys saying Happy Birthday to Karina, is that ok ? Alright.... Great... On my count.. one.... sorry.... one .. two... three. Audience : HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARINA ! Great.... thank you very much. Now knowing Tika she will be jealous So let's have a Happy BIrthday Tika TOO I'll send that like a couple of months afterwards Alright... one two.... three Audience : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKA Great .... thank you very much... now I don't have to buy them anything Umm... thanks... thank you very much for this opportunity now I can say to people that I've spoken in TED that's technically not untrue... TEDxJakarta we've... we've had three events ...and at the last event there's a really big reward for me A high school student came up to me and said with a very perplexed and confused face and he said to me... when I came in to your event the registration was free... the venue was absolutely great... it's very classy The speakers were amazing and the funniest part he said... and then after all of that... there's food ! there's delicious food. and ... and he got this face that was... I really love his face... he was like betrayed his skepticism was betrayed How was this possible... it seemed so effortless well then I explain the whole process ... you know. we don't pay the speakers.... the venue we got for free... we make them in apartment buildings the wanna show off their models so it's a win win solution and the food we got from Karina's mother actually has a restaurant which is delicious when you get to jakarta I'll take you there But this has been a really really amazing thing for me personally and I'd just like to share some of the tips when I e-mail Solomi (???) I said... I'lll be talking about how the small things can make a big impact because the first time... the first time we did a TED event people came up to me Oh I didn't know this was a professional event because we make it seems so ... like... It WAS a professional event... and it was just three people... it was very amateurist actually but we did some stuff... that made it look professional for instance I have a name card a TEDster should have a name card and on the title we... we played around... with the idea... the curator... the organizer... but then let's make it... whatever we want so mine is the bald guy.. And Karina is the bubbly(?) girl And Tika is the girl with shining eyes because she loves Benjamin Sanders video Another thing we did was.... it's up ?!? Aww... I shouldn't have taken that (photos). Thanks so much

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Posted by: judgepau on Dec 29, 2010

Arief Azis shared his experience in debuting TEDx in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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