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Something Wicked this way comes

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On Friday, April 12th, 2002, a handful of leading social scientists gathered for the first international workshop on the societal impact of a large asteroid or comet colliding with Earth Cosmic catastrophe 'a certainty' Asteroid zooms into view for binoculars Space rock 'on collision course' Have you ever heard of the Oort cloud? The Oort cloud, alternatively termed the Öpik-Oort Cloud, is a spherical cloud of comets observed to come into the Solar System from all directions The Oort Cloud (comprising many billions of comets) Has the Earth ever been bombarded by comets from the Oort cloud before? How could the comts of the Oort cloud find their way to Earth? Nemesis: Does the Sun have a 'Companion'? Does the Sun have a doomsday twin? Star Systems Hint at Possibility of Sun's Nemesis Evidence mounts for sun's companion star "The analyses of the periodic comets suggests that the Sun's Comapanion Star does, at very long periods, again and again, crash through the Oort Cloud like a bowling ball through rows of pins" Laura Knight-Jadczyk The Secret History of the World Civilizations fall when the comets visit Earth. Will we see them in our lifetime? Will we see them in our lifetime? Yes, they are alredy arriving... Another Meteor Spotted Monday Night Large Meteorite Falls on the Irkutsk Region DoD Satellite Tracked Siberian Fireball that Might have Hit Earth Surprise Comet Streaks Into Solar System Asteroid Hunters Discover Near-Earth Object Second flaming ball spotted in northern Greece 'likely a meteor' 'Meteorite' narrowly misses Perth boy Small Meteorite Apparently Lands in Mount Vernon Scientists scotch rumourson meteor Geologists examine meteorite that led to one man's death and injured 11 Orissa villagers stumble upon meteorite debris Schoolboy's photo amazes Nasa The Sky Isn't Falling, But Pieces Sure Are Fire In The Skies Over Region 8 Object that fell from the sky was a meteorite: Scientists A Mystery in Monday night's sky Great balls of fire over Spain Great balls of fire, it's a meteorite! Witnesses Report Seeing Fireball in Sky Earth At Risk: New Calls For Planetary Defense Two Naked-Eye Comets At Once Since March 27th, 2002 we have been gathering articles and reports of hundreds of objects falling to the Earth, from all over the globe Every year there are more and more Something wicked this way comes Get educated

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influence of cometary/asteroid impacts on humanity

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