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Vaccination - 101 - With Ghis - Part 2

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Ghis - Author and Lecturer. Author of "The Medical Mafia" It was interesting to realize that... all the experts that were brought by the medical board on their behalf. Those experts were hired, were paid they had their pay check given by... as employees of the government They were government employees. Civil servents. And of course they were by it. Every time I came up with something ah.. that made sense, that was obvious, they would say: "Ohh no. It is not pertinent." And the best example of this: was a video I had... I was given... by a supporter when I wrote The Medical Mafia I was given a video about the episode that was produced by SBS "6 minutes" A television show in the US And that was produced in 1979. About the 1976 swine flu vaccination that was brought in... that happened in the US in 1976. I had the video and I presented it. I showed it during the trial. to the judge and the experts. And one of the experts that was in cross examination for Doctor Richard Massey. And I showed the video which... you can see it on the internet It is a pure lie! There was one person who had died. And there was no absolutely no danger. It was lie from A to Z. Everything about it was wrong. Everything about it was... nothing were true about the whole campaign. And we could see it on the television show. And they said... well! and I said... you know! This is what vaccination campaign is all about! It is about making people fearful of something that does not exist and forcing them into compulsory vaccination pretending that it is going to protect them from a harmful disease. It is all lie! And it so obvious in this video And you know what is the answer I got with this? It is not pertinent! And that was...huhh! What was said during the whole trial. I had...I brought myself... experts which were independent people. and we will never forget... one of them... Doctor Baquaud... ahh, Guird Baquaud from Germany who is a medical doctor and his soon was damage, severely damage and he said that each vaccination, whatever it is, destroys a part of the brain and he said that we are just destroying the intelligence of our future generations Why will do we do that? Because we want submissive people We want obedient people. We don't want intelligent people. We want Dumb obedient robots on this planet. And that makes sense! If you put yourself in the shoes of those leaders... world leaders, who... you think... the question that often raises... that comes up is: "Why would they want more money?" They don't want money for money, because they have more than they could ever spend. They want money for power. The goal of money is power! And why do they want more power? Because they are afraid. They are afraid to be dominated. It is a known animalistic sear that we carry we had this in our gens. And it is the fear of being dominated. So. You have to dominate if you don't want to be dominated. And those people... know awareness is raising, when we were dumb, and knew nothing and were totally ignorant several years... ago not that far, they could do whatever they wanted, but know we have more information we have more knowledge, and we are getting more aware of who those people are. And that may not have our interest in mind... but there own, which is different from ours which is... make sure that they can dominate every people on this planete. So. This is what the situation is. I want to stress... the fact that it is not a medical problem. It is a political problem. This is the key. Then... and it is total... what.. another questions that is very often asked is: "Well.. what do the vaccines contain?" "what is in it?" Well, you will never know. Because it is TOP SECRET Well...If I have a secret for somebody just guess.. you know. Common sense! If a have a secret for somebody it is because I want to hide something to them. What do they want to hide from people? Well.. number one. If people new precisely what is in those... vaccines maybe they would refuse it! If people new that they are made with microbes it is a cocktail of microbes that are genetically and artificially modified... and... re... recombined... all together they would maybe not want to have the vaccine. If they knew... that this... those microbes... are a broth... of a... culture broth... of... cells... animals cells and... human cells that are cancerous and contaminated. Maybe they would want a vaccine. and if they knew...that the preservatives... adjuvants... were added to the whole thing... to make sure to kill the remaining germs. And that those are very strong poisons... that kill the living cells. Maybe they would not want to have the vaccines. And now the signs that people... it is like a soup! Because the... ah The vaccines are like a soup. I call it: "The Black Magic Portion" It is like a soup. If you want to make a soup... you have to decide what kind of a soup will you want, and then maybe... it is... lets say... it is a vegetable soup. So you need vegetables! those are the microbes. and then... you have to choose the broth you are going to put the microbes in... to put the vegetables in. And this is the "culture" fluid they use, and that is made of animal and... animal and human tissues. but that are sick, and that are polluted... contaminated, filled with all sort of things. And this is the second part of the soup and then.. you want to add preservatives to the soup so that you can keep it for several days. So. That is what they do with the adjuvants. Those adjuvants are poisons... like... one of them... the two major ones I would say being the MERCURY that affects deeply the brain and the other one being... the second one... which is very constant... is ALUMINUM. and this is a major cause for Alzheimer Disease Then we wonder why children have degenerative diseases? Our children are as old... as old people. Their health is old. They are deteriorated. Well... If people knew that... probably they would not want to have the vaccines inoculated... in their body. What else could they learn that we don't want them to know? Well... They may learn... that vaccine are different... from one group of people to another. That vaccine are targeted... to several group of people. That vaccines also are...tested Because those are weapons... those are military biological warfare weapons. Well. You have to test them, to make sure... they work well. Well. How do you do that? Well. The first people who obey blindly are the military. So. Military soldiers have been contaminated... sorely with vaccines. Remember the first... in 1918... what we called the "Spanish flu", that has nothing Spanish. It was American... Soldiers that were contaminated... with an experimental vaccine... and were... some of them died in the US, some of them were too sick to go... and the other ones who were not too sick went to war and diffused it all over. So, soldiers... remember also the Golf War Syndrome, those are soldiers again... that were vaccinated... with ahh... new vaccines that were test on them. Prisoners!.. is in that brand of people that are often used... for mind control experimentation and vaccine experimentation So. Those are the... the way they tested it. How do you do this again? Well. On targeting a group of people in different countries. And there is also testing done... being done... on the... public! On the public... on common people. Some civilians all over, suddenly, every week get sick. Also through the air. CHEMTRAIL in the sky. Look at them! They are filled with also itself of stuff. You don't want it in your body. But you get it through your noose and your skin. And again... people get sick from that. So... No wonder it is top secret... And no wonder... nobody is allowed to know what is contained in those vaccines. So. This is secrecy! What else... what they hide? Well.. of course! It is... the... MIND CONTROL. I will again come back... on this topic, because the "mind control" is very important. The children... how can that our children are... summate children are disabled... children have... ear problems... they have lung problems... they have allergies... they have diabetes... all sort of degenerative diseases. Well... Where does that come from? Of course... repeated vaccination... just destroys the immune system. It just destroys it! So. They have no more immunity... no more immunity... left. And that is why... you can then... select groups... that you want to affect with this... disease or that disease. This is another major... consideration in keeping the secrecy over the... the... what the vaccines contain. wise! Yes! There is a lot of money... being made... with the vaccines. Who profits from this? Well... of course the manufactures... of the vaccines. Those are huge... corporations... multinational corporations.... that benefit from the making, from the manufacturing... of the vaccines. Who pays for that? is the question. What governments do? Well. Who is government? Who pays for the government? The people do.

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Ghis tells you what you should know about vaccination before you say YES or NO.

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