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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~21:15:00-21:44:59

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He’s on my right And the other one is 22 Let’s go inside Cardona Brothers! Bravo! They really are wonderful artists -And now, one question -Again for all the girls, boys... and the whole family! Are you having fun? Yes! I can’t hear anything Are you having fun? Yes! Wait, Lara. What’s your name? Laura Now, are you having fun? Yes, yes Very good I sang I feel as if I were 6 years old Very good. Thank you very much thank you very much for all your affection Look! Now there’s something in which you can be interested, and all of you too And it is that we have here exclusively the last two CDs of “Los Gabytos” The last CD, the red one It's a beautiful CD that is also a preview of our next year season, next year You know? All the siblings, the original Gabytos, we are going to get together, we are going to start a tour, first in Spain and then in places such as Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela or the Dominican Republic We also have the blue CD It is a compilation of series and cartoons songs going from the year 1969 with “Los Chiripitifláuticos” until today with “Sponge Bob” Well I need to check something, Lara Let’s see, raise your hand, moms and dads that used to watch “Tranzor Z” Let’s see, raise your hand You see, there are some Or the moms and dads that used to watch “Maya the Bee”, for example Do you see how many? Or another series, Lara, for example? “Banner and Flappy”, for example “Banner and Flappy”, beautiful! Well there are all these series and many more in this compilation CD that we have recorded with lots of love. Give me a second because now we are going to sing… There was a girl over here… What did you say before? Oh! the CD for you, very good Hey, Lara, she wants the CD What do we do? If she behaves and sings very much, very much, then maybe I’ll give it to her Very good Well we’ll see if she sings because we are going to sing a new song. a beautiful song which title is “The Four Seasons of the Year” But you all need to participate with us Let’s raise our hands Everybody raise your hands There it is! Lara What? When it rains, what do we need to do? We raise our hands and we flap our fingers Okay And when it snows, what do we do? We wave with both hands very fast Great! For instance, in spring what do we all do? In spring we are going to fly, and fly And about this time, Lara now that it’s summer? -We go to the beach -To swim To swim, and swim, and swim Okay Let’s start, then. Ready? “The Four Seasons” Clap your hands! Everybody clap your hands! That's it! Hey, Gaby Tell me, Lara? What happens if we put the four seasons of the year together? And we mix it all together? Everything! Then we sing like this Let’s see There it goes! I’m melting! Watch out! Over here, down, over here, Alright We’ll go out through here because there are less wires, water and stuff It’ll be better for them I can walk like that too At this moment it doesn’t matter Jeni The fan Mosquitoes don’t like you... Oh, she’s asleep Yes, she is She’s my brother’s granddaughter Her name is Janet and she’s 5 months Away from here Make-up for the nose, nose… No You need the whole towel Because you’re sweaty.... You mean there’s no make-up left No, you just have water Water drops. The make-up hasn’t gone away Ok, but I need to take off the nose and get dry? No, you just need to get dry Towel, please Do you know what my maths teacher used to do? . She fanned herself like this I never understood, but she did it Some cologne, Jeni Hold this, Sonia, please Look at you too… Who? Me too? Go inside to get dry because you have water all over your face Jenny, open the zipper if you want Yes? Pass me it later on, I want a sip too Just be careful with that Ok, that’s it. Zip And then there are some people who say that anyone can be a clown Well no We have been forced to learn theater, to learn music, to learn how to sing We always went to school because my father wouldn’t allow us not to go Until we didn’t finish the compulsory education we couldn’t Once I finished the compulsory education I studied childcare Always studying things related to children And then, each show each year there are new choreographies... At least this year it is a medieval dance so it is slow But 5 years ago we performed an Afro-Cuban dance with drums, and that was crazy That’s why I defend from here that we, the clowns, are nice people, we are people trying to be a bit intelligent, to represent our countries wherever we travel... But we don’t do bad things So don’t call bad people “clowns”, okay? Don’t call bad people “clowns” The little one, our friend, he had plenty of skin rashes With gastroenteritis She’s been through the same... She's been through the same process, but in Alcudia How’s that? As every kid here The one that is sick again, is the little one from there Who? Kevin The smallest one of the Folco, the guy with the dogs, Yes? He’s sick again The one who goes out on the ring, mom Yes, yes This is horrible! Look how far the sleeves go Have you seen the sleeves? Today it’s going to be funny to put the costume on The T-shirt… And the worst is that you don’t lose weight Because if after all this action we became at least like that… But it doesn’t happen Too bad! We need to buy something for the mosquitoes What? No, the wristbands What we need to buy is a... A circus without mosquitoes She knows it by heart There’s one missing Who? Iker. I didn’t see him -No, he’s dancing, don’t you see him? And another thing that is very important to mention It has deeply affected me lately The children in the circus grow up happy They grow up very happy, they’ve got plenty of friends They learn languages Because some speak Italian, others French, others English, others Spanish, Arabic, even Chinese They communicate among themselves... And the ones that can be lying a bit behind compared to the other kids of their age, they are helped by other children So, ladies and gentlemen, Don’t make it that hard on us Because children at the circus are very happy And that’s it I’m going to the ring I will invite you to come on stage now Now we will take pictures with the audience So we’ll let you go on stage with us This is special, uh? So you can be with me for a while This is one of the most beautiful women in the circus. I love her so much, I am her fan Pimpoyo, Lara and Gaby Make the most of these 15 minutes break It’s cool, huh? It’s different to see it from here Today it’s hot and people rush to go outside They’re all suffocating Every day with “Los Payasos de la Tele” Pimpoyo, Lara and Gaby Make the most of these 15 minutes break Tell him just to sit down and I’ll take a picture of him He speaks English That’s why: tell him that I’ll take a picture of him without any obligation, that’s all I’ll just take a picture, he doesn’t have to worry My English… That lady over there she brought me here with the girl Mosquitoes are biting me.... Very good Thanks Dad, can we get towels here, please? A group of 6 children will be coming now I didn’t tell them not to No, of course Because have a look at the people Let’s liven them up a little! Towel? Hello! How are you? Can I give you a kiss? Can I? Pimpoyo Pimpoyo Can you grab a blue CD, please? The CD that Gaby gave was blue too? He has given one I don’t know. I have no idea Who is it for? -Your's were... For the English boy No, mine was for the girl Oh, ok, but was it blue or red? Blue Multiple sclerosis, the small boy What? Multiple sclerosis, so small Do you see his little arms twisted? How unfair is life sometimes And he smiles and enjoys, he’s happy And then people… But he’s not, is he from here? No, they’re English Tell him something, Pimpoyo. He keeps looking at you Hey, let’s go. Because they’re taking pictures with the crocodile Should we go? Uh? Should we go? I don’t know. Ali told me: “I will stay here now that nobody’s coming down" No, maybe someone is coming There you have the group of 6 Wow! What a family! My goodness! You all have to look at me, ok? Look, look at the girl, ok? What was that? What was that? Everybody, look at me, ok? Here, at the camera Here, at the camera, alright? Look, look, look Once more Once more Very good! Thank you very much Thanks Outside It seems unbelievable, but it is cooler here than back there Stay here A towel We brought some but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t dry anymore Hello! Hello! how are you? Fine What’s your name? Olga Olga, how old are you? 7 You are all gown-up! I like the circus very much Really? What do you like the most? I like clowns very much Clowns, and what else? I really like Tarzan and Jane too because I love the movie of Tarzan and Jane Isn’t it great? And the gorillas and everything is lovely! And the girls is very beautiful, the one playing Jane Yes, and I have also seen that the girl in the pictures was there Really? She was the one in red The one doing the hula-hoop performance Yes, she did it really good Did you like it? That’s great! My head still hurts because of the motorcycle Really? How come? That made you nervous? No, but it was a bit loud Ohhh The volume was a bit loud, right? My mom told me that it would soon go away Oh yes? Well that was it There is not that much noise from now on Ok, bye! See you Olga! It’s horrible! What? Look at the baby, he’s all squashed, look! Sergio, 12 years old, up in the stands next to my... I was about to say next to my birthday. Next to the rope Sergio, 12 years old Blonde girl with short hair and the girl next to her Blond girl Up on the left Okay Apart from Fran’s Is Fran here? Picture Sergio, right? Sergio Sergio, ok Angel?

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Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: globallives on Mar 19, 2014

Lara waits for the show to start while makes the most of her time chating to other circus artists

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