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New Memorandum of Understanding for Humanity - with Equal Money

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<b>Desteni Presents:</b> <b>A New Memorandum of Understanding for Humanity to Change the World</b> <b>by Bernard Poolman -29 July 2010-</b> Money is represented as a piece of paper with a certain promise or undertaking on it where it says "I promise to pay". So, in essence, Money represents a promissory note, which is based on terms and conditions, which is based on a Memorandum of Understanding. What is required - and one can do some Vlogs on this - is to Change the Memorandum of Understanding and the promissory part within the Money System - the note, or the point which is in transfer, and... one will realize that it's possible to Change the World simply by Changing the Memorandum of Understanding that governs the Money System. That's why at every Federal Reserve in countries you have a governor that governs the Money System. And... that governor is the one that is so-called representing what the Money stand for and how your inflation rate and your interest rate, and so on, is ajusted - they govern the way the Money is moving and the way Money is exchanged - and nobody questions that governor. We need Realistic Governance now in this World where Everyone ends up with a Method to have Food on the Table, because they are a Living Being - for no other reason! That is Good Governance! That is Real... Compassion! That is Real Understanding! The way it currently works, it makes of each one a liar and a cheater that is idealistically trying to win against somebody else - and they will do everything to win! What do you know about Money? Anybody that chase Money was willing to kill for it and cheat for it, and will change the truth to suit them. When a person has Money: Don't trust them! They will lie! When they have no Money: They have learned some Lessons. And, although they may lie to get some more, the real reason for their lying is just to get Food on the Table. They're not lying yet to get more Money, to be rich and wealthy and have a protected lifestyle. You have a protected lifestyle = You are part of the fucking problem. So consider: we require... GOOD GOVERNANCE of 'Love Thy Neighbour', of Equality. It is Simple Common Sense. Without it, the World will not Become a Better Place. No matter how much you pray, no matter how much you believe in God: the World will not Change and Become a Better Place unless You Change the Very System that Determines how Food gets to the Table - which is the Money System. And, within this, we require... a New Memorandum of Understanding. And understand: within what is to come in the future, you will still have notes as an exchange, and you will have the Microchip, which is your banking card that is in your pocket - I mean, this is how far the Microchip is gonna go in this reality: it's gonna be a card with a magnet strip or a chip on it that holds information about your exchanges. That is the Microchip that everybody is obviously fighting about, because those that fight about the Microchip with Desteni actually are the delusional ones: they believe that the Microchip can actually influence... what you think and Mind-Control you. That is not true! You are already Mind-Controlled. You are Mind-Controlled through writing, through language and through pictures. You are not Mind-Controlled through Microchip. The Microchip is the least of your worries. It is purely a tool for management. And those that attack with the Microchip, the moment they come with that, what do you know? They have serious schizophrenic and psychopatic problems and have NO IDEA What is Real and what's not real, they did not do their homework and are purely malicious. Just remove them from your life. So that they can get to a stage where there's No Food on their Table and Get Back to Reality. The quickest way to get a Good Reality Test is when you have No Food on the Table. Then you WILL revisit What is Real and what is not real.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 16 seconds
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Producer: Desteni Productions
Director: Bernard Poolman
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Posted by: marlen on Oct 9, 2010

New Memorandum of Understanding for Humanity - Change the World with Equal Money
-29 July 2010- by Bernard Poolman -
'Money' is represented-as a 'piece of paper' with a certain 'promise' or 'undertaking' on-it where it says 'I promise to pay'. So in-'essence' Money represents a 'Promissory-Note' which is based-on 'Terms and Conditions' which is based-on a 'Memorandum of Understanding'.

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