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Go Raw Now

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The most important video you may ever see. You will absolutely feel a difference. People all over the World are making The Choice of Life. By my early 20's I had more health problems than you could possibly imagine. I looked around and I saw I wasn't the only one. 20 YEARS LATER... Age 45 And I said, this is got to change. I was on six different medications, I had seen nine different doctors. I became hooked on prescription painkillers. I lost the use of my left arm and partial use of my right arm. My immune system was really weakened. I was in a very bad shape. I was actually making out my will. We are living in the most unhealthy culture in the history of man kind. People are getting cancer and dying early, while other cultures around the world are living well past a hundred. Three billion baby-boomers are looking in the mirror and freaking out. They are getting wrinkles, loosing hair, gaining weight, and realising, that dieting, pills, lotions, plastic surgery and injections just don't work. Your body is starving for nutrients, and the foods we have nowaday's make you keep eating, and keep eating, and keep eating, and they're void of all nutrients. But what doctor's gonna write malnutrition on the death certificate. What if we could turn our life around right now, never get sick again, loose weight, regain our youth, and become sexier than we have ever been in our life. Hi, my name is Natalia Diakova, and I'm from Russia. The answer is simpler than you think. People are doing it, and one by one. It's starting to change the world. I love it, I LOVE IT. I love healthy living and raw food. I'm allways ripped, I'm looking healthy, I feel great. I can't even beggin to tell you how great it is. This isn't just about looking younger, it's getting younger. I feel fabulous. It changes in a big way. I feel a huge difference. Absolutely amazing. I feel like I'm getting younger. The most primitive people on Earth are out- living us by up to fifty years. They have no medical plans, no pills, no x-rays, no electricity, no freezers, no stoves. They're a hundred years old and still having sex, you tell me, who's better off. The first week I started eating raw, without even trying I lost 10 pounds. 70 pounds in the first year. I've only been on this for a month and a half and I've lost 30 pounds in a month and a half. You're more beautiful, you're sexier, you're thinner. Forget plastic surgery, forget botox, that's just painting over the rust. I lost wrinkles, my skin was smoother. My skin, my hair, my nose, everything, my energy. Definitely more energy, yeah. Tons of energy If I take this apple and plant it in the ground, I'd get an apple tree. But if I took this pasta, this bread, or this cereal, and I planted it in the ground, what would we get? Mold! So what's the difference between this and this? This has life, life is what our body needs. The food pyramid is retarded, pointless. If I planted theese vitamin pills in the ground, what do you think is gonna grow? And did you know that the FDA doesn't regulate any of the stuff that goes in to your skin, and yet if it goes under your skin, it goes right into your bloodstream, right. That's grose, Go ahead, sit there in your huge SUV's sucking on that sugar and cholestorol. Wondering why your hair is falling out and whine about how cellulitis just showed up for no reason. Come on people, take some responsibility in your life. Your body is a living organism, and therefore it needs living food to survive and do the job it was meant to do. They say you're a hippie for doing it, you know, it's a hippie reason for doing it. Maybe you're vegan and "Oh, he just cares about animals." Well, ok, you can say whatever you like, but, when you start eating that way, you are going to feel better. Go ahead, get your stomach stable, so now you can only eat one candy bar, instead of twelve - grow up! This is easy. And it's so easy. There's no rocket science, there's no deep profound thing you have to know. This is a pappaya, this is a mango, this is called FOOD! Over here we don't have good medical system, so we are forced to eat more naturally, so we don't have to go to a hospital. Everyone here in Australia love's to eat meat, I avoid meat, There's no meat in theese biceps. I can squat a good four hundred, dead- lift probably way over that, four hundred, five hundred pounds. People always ask me about meat and protein. The biggest, most poverfull animals on the planet don't eat meat, some of the top professional body builders don't eat meat. I was the world #2 junior in natural body building, then I was the #3 senior in natural body building. I love when they are saying about strenght. You don't have to just be eating meat all the time and it's not a hippie thing. I can guarantee you your strenght will definitely will still be there. When people stop eating meat, their diseases start to go away. There's more usable protein in greens. We have all been brainwashed, you don't need it. Over here we have to walk everywhere, because the bus system is not reliable. So that keeps our heart rates up and we are healthier. I know what you are saying: "What difference does one pizza, a piece of cake or a soft drink gonna make?" Do you think it's going to go through you completely and come out the next day? Your body absorbs what you eat and uses it to build new cells, your body makes millions of new cells every hour. What do you think those cells will going to be made of? That pizza becomes part of you, and those cells are not going to function properly. Why do you think you're allways right on the edge of getting sick? Why do you think your so tired all the time? Your concentration is so muddy. I was always going to see doctors for something. Remember the three little pigs? One had a house built out of straw, one out of wood, and other one out of bricks. Well, when the wolf comes around in our lives, and it will, what will your house be made out of? My father, the neurologist wanted actually to operate on his brain, becouse his arms and body was spazmic. And within three and a half weeks his health improved 90%, now he can go back to work. Now he does not have sciatical pain. And this is just in three and a half weeks. If all the scientists and doctors in the world got together, they could not make an apple. They can't take hydrogen oxyde and carbon and make a single living cell, but your body can! The only thing that can truly heal your body, is you. I really think it's all about food as medicine, not just food, for the sake of food. I definitely felt my whole sence and spiritual self and physical self was lighter. I felt lighter, I feel lighter. I mean, I feel like air sometimes. You just feel uplifted. So maybe you did inherit a body that is not so hot. There are a lot of people out there, who take old junk cars and turn them into hot rods and win awards in car shows. And they didn't just do it by giving the old junker a paint job. They had to strip it down to the bare chassis, sam blast all the rust away and start over again from bare bones. That's what you need to do with yourself. You wanna be sexy? It's time to start over, and I mean really, start over. You know I don't prepare food anymore. We threw out everything in the kitchen, we litterary.. We didn't throw it out, we gave it away to some nice people, that eat cooked food. You eat things that grow on the planet. I'm talking about nourishment that can get you through an entire day just having a handfull of something. It's easier than cooking, I don't know ever how to cook. I really felt the difference when I started doing all kinds of cleansing, Especially juice fasting. You don't know that you're unhealthy, until you really get healthy. My lover back pain is gone, my nasal congestion is gone. Within two weeks I noticed a difference. I was up on my feet again. I was able to sleep through the night and was able to get off the drugs. Everything changes. I love being fifty-two and feeling like I'm twenty-two. I can promise you that you will feel so much better eating this way. You should really try, just take the natural step. Try raw food, it's great. It's the next step. Make this change in your life. You can change right now. I work 16 hour days, and I have time for raw food, if I have time, you have time. Give your body what it needs, and watch the miracle start to happen. This absolutely does work. It definitely works. Life or death, it's your choice. Choose life, we have a choice every moment. Be true to yourself. It's time to be healthy, alive and beautiful again. I just love it. I feel a huge difference. Don't let anybody ever tell you, that you are too old for anything. LIFE STARTS NOW! It's just so simple. GO RAW NOW.

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Posted by: rocksolid89 on Aug 19, 2010

Raw foodism

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