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interview 2

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How much time have you worked at your job? Ok , so i have two jobs In my regular job , i have 26 years work experience And in my coaching job i have been working with kids for 15 years And what do you need for those jobs? Do you need Education? What specifically do you need for those jobs? Okay so my first job , its the development of food and distribution So for the time being ,i have to have information about states of there natural vegetables and fruit. Any type of vegetables Stability, I have to know everything because i am working in receiving So i have receive the quality of that product that are eaten in homes What about your second job? In my coaching job i need to have a specialty because i work with goal keepers the goal keepers have a specific job so i have to specific information for there development inside the game What or who inspired you to be in the career you are in now? So in my regular job its because i was invited by my uncle to know the product of vegetables and in my coaching career, its because i dreamed it as a kid and as a kid i played a goal keeper so my passion has always been in the goal and for the time i wanted to to transfer all my experience with the new prospects , with the kids, girls , youngsters so through the sport they get a good education How does your job affect your life?Your life with your family is it good or bad? Like in all aspects of live and pros and cons for example in my regular job , were always pushing hard in the job since its the middle of night , i dont get to time to spend time at home at night and sometimes it starts conflicts with the couples when you are in a relationship In the aspects of the sports one dedicates a lot of time to development practices and be at soccer games so it implements a lot of time and sometimes we try to a give quantity of time to the family so there a balance between both? there exists a good balance when you find support from your family in my case , my wife I'm grateful for her because she always supports me so we have great communication and that's really good for the couple and our sons we maintain communication open in this case we always have a quantity of time to talk about life there a couple of questions left what do you like about being a goal keeper trainer? what does it feel like? Why do you love it so much? i see it as a situation because i see at as form of life , why? because in the goal you only have a couple of seconds to make a decision so in life you make decisions , good or bad for the goal keeper has to make the best possible decisions in that moment and i have to make the best decision for my life economically wise, family love , everything so i have have to make the best decision so i transfer the life of a goal keeper to your daily life and why don't you like your job? what can frustrate me a little is when not to often see they don't give respect necessarily to the goal keepers this frustrates me because they train very hard they work in way of excellence , hard physically, mentality they work under a ton of pressure and most of the time they don't get the respect they deserve this question i know the answer too but im still going to ask What about your job causes you stress? not necessarily what you don't like but causes stress? like a goal keeper who always come one who doesn't? yeah it frustrated and stresses me when one gets late to practice , don't pay attention but its part of the job so i have to learn to work with those aspects Last question what advice or information what you give to someone that's interested in your coaching job? first is to teach oneself ,educate oneself, to have knowledge on what there doing, to understand all the strategy's to work with the kids, with the girls ,and with the youngsters and to transfer the passion to achieve success , to achieve your dreams to have a good life , good education and and great respect and responsibility towards ones parents that is all thank you

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