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(Bible verse) The Virgin Mary saw that many had betrayed Jesus The Virgin Mary saw the betrayal of Jesus The Virgin Mary saw Jesus being whipped The Virgin Mary saw Jesus wearing a crown of thorns The Virgin Mary heard the crowds as they called for the crucifixion of her only son The Virgin Mary met her son Jesus on the road as he bore the cross The Virgin Mary watched as Jesus fell to the ground The Virgin Mary followed Jesus until he came to the hill The Virgin Mary watched as Jesus was crucified on the cross Heard the hammering sound Herzog Days Not that long disease, my life, but that long convalescence, my life. The liberal-bourgeois revision... —Moses Herzog, "Herzog" Saul Bellow was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature around 1975 or 1976 When I first read this novel back in university it left a deep impression on me. I looked up the author's name online and I've been using 'Herzog' as my online alias ever since. When I first read the novel I felt like Herzog, as a person had a personality quite similar to mine You Jingyou Like in how he has such a strong desire to be engaged in every part of society. For example if there's a problem Could be any of the many problems in society He wouldn't see it as being none of his business When he comes across a problem He might feel unable to change it himself But at least he'll consider what it is possible for him to do And he'll put in some effort and create a little change You Jingyou - innocent! We love you all We support you all Fairness! Justice! You Jingyou! Wu Huaying! Wu Huaying - innocent! You Jingyou - innocent! Fan Yanqiong - innocent! We support you all We love you all You Jingyou - INNOCENT! Fan Yanqiong - INNOCENT! Wu Huaying - INNOCENT! You Jingyou - INNOCENT! Fan Yanqiong - INNOCENT! Wu Huaying - INNOCENT! YOU JINGYOU - INNOCENT! FAN YANQIONG - INNOCENT! WU HUAYING - INNOCENT! WE LOVE YOU ALL Fairness and Justice shine more brightly than the sun You Jingyou: All this... If I had the time I'd wear this in front of the Mawei police station every day Right at the entrance I had to wear this every day for the year I was in prison. Prisoner #321, Ward 3, No. 2 Detention Center, Fuzhou Has the filthy moment come when moral feeling dies, conscience disintegrates, and respect for liberty, law, public decency, all the rest, collapses in cowardice, decadence, blood? —Moses Herzog, "Herzog" CCTV program "Law Online" As a result of spreading rumors online that Yan Xiaoling died after being raped by eight men three netizens in Fujian, Fan Yanqiong, Wu Hualing and You Jingyou have been arrested, charged with making false accusations A hearing was held yesterday at the People's Court in Mawei district, Fuzhou On June 23rd this year, threads appeared on many prominent websites and forums identifying the corpse resulting from a horrific gang rape by 8 men as that belonging to Minqing resident Yan Xiaoling quickly raising widespread concern online. On June 24th, police in Fuzhou held a press conference issuing an official conclusion following an investigation that Yan Xiaoling suffered a ruptured uterus resulting in hemorrhagic shock which then led to death There existed no signs of violence, poison or rape The information online is completely false. Shortly after the police announcement the Yan Xiaoling was quickly put to rest. According to information provided by the Public Security Bureau, sensationalistic articles posted online were written by Fan Yanqiong. Following the police announcement netizen You Jingyou initiated contact with the mother of Yan Xiaoling, Lin Xiuying producing a video of her statements. Police, in the process of investigating others who took part in the filming, discovered that Wu Huaying would often have Lin Xiuying stop speaking and would teach her how to be more dramatic and moving. After being edited, the video was put online. Beginning June 26 through to mid-July Fan Yanqiong, Wu Huaying and You Jingyou, among others were placed in criminal detention on charges of slander for their role in posting online information pertaining to the Yan Xiaoling case as well as filming and uploading the oral statement of Yan Xiaoling's mother, Lin Xiuying. In late July, the charges against Fan and the others was changed to 'making false accusations'. Warrants for their arrests were then issued by the Mawei district People's Procuratorate. According to You Jingyou's lawyer, Liu Xiaoyuan The charge of false accusations is based on two articles and one video segment. QQ chat records for 57 witnesses were obtained as part of the investigation filling up more than 16 file books. At present, the case is still pending a second hearing. We will keep you updated. Liu Xiaoyuan, lawyer for You Jingyou: My personal view in this case is that the actions of these three people doesn't quite constitute an act of libel. Because an act of libel first and foremost entails fabrication of the truth thereby libeling someone. As for the death of Yan Xiaoling The final conclusion issued by police following their investigation was that she died of an ectopic pregnancy. Yet her mother, for various reasons maintained suspicion that she died as a result of gang rape. She even spent more than a year petitioning based on this. Fan Yanqiong, meanwhile, saw that what she wrote was just the situation as described by Lin Xiuying herself. Lin Xiuying later also said that she told Fan Yanqiong [what to write]. You Jingyou and Wu Huaying, they made a video So there was really no fabrication of any kind. Because everything said throughout the entire video is said by Lin Xiuying herself. Neither You Jingyou nor Wu Huaying wrote a script for Lin Xiuying to read Nor was there incitement of any kind for her to fabricate anything. If anybody could be said to have fabricated facts it would have to have been Lin Xiuying, right? She was the only person speaking in the video And so given that the three of them didn't fabricate anything this definitely doesn't constitute an act of libel. The precondition for constitution of libel is that fabrication of fact must have taken place. Lin Hongnan, lawyer for Wu Huaying: I've had to appear in court several times for this case and in times when I've exchanged thoughts with certain law enforcement comrades in Mawei including arguments made in court at the second hearing, I said that this case is simply not a criminal case At the stage when the case was still being processed by the police we made this same point clear to the public security bureau legal department demanding to know why they let this stand Later they told us a special task force had been set up for this case We weren't made aware of this at the time. Feng Chuanlin, citizen: When we went to the law office I saw a stack of meeting minutes from the Fuzhou Politics and Law Committee You know I treat You Jingyou like my own brother. We've been friends for years. We also co-author a blog. So I was concerned about how he was being portrayed in those meeting minutes. In those meeting minutes from the Fuzhou Politics and Law Committee I saw one section which said You Jingyou was to be treated as a key figure in the rights defense movement in Fujian province, or Fuzhou municipality Li Fangping, lawyer for Fan Yanqiong: A massive police presence was dispatched and 7-8 people were arrested in total several dozen more were being investigated the amount of time and police resources as well as the information sought as part of the investigation was shocking. We could see that the ability of a local government or for local law enforcement authorities, to admit and correct their own mistake is practically zero. "In her prime: why did 25yo Yan Xiaoling die so suddenly?" "In her prime: why did 25yo Yan Xiaoling die so suddenly?" (Internet video produced by You Jingyou and Wu Huaying) In February 2008, she died after being raped by them. After her death, the court conducted an autopsy but the scars on her body were not written into the court coroner's report. The large swollen bruise on her genitals wasn't recorded. (Internet video produced by You Jingyou and Wu Huaying) So I immediately went to them and I asked one young court doctor I forget his name; I asked him: My daughter was only in her twenties, was recently still menstruating normally last summer So how could she possibly have had an ectopic pregnancy, and die from it? I asked that young doctor He just went straight out and got in his car then answered me: I have no idea. A ruptured uterus led to hemorrhaging which led to death. Lin Hongnan, lawyer for Wu Huaying: We still don't know exactly why Yan Xiaoling died. Her mother had to put down a deposit of RMB 5,000 just to see the autopsy results Who ever heard of such a thing? Later they demanded RMB 50,000-60,000 for a new evaluation to be done. This woman is handicapped, to begin with, and vulnerable Why would you make this so hard for someone like her? But Lin Xiuying's mother is truly a remarkable Chinese woman Three times she showed up at the court where the trial was being held demanding to be let in to testify and speak, have the truth be heard Instead she just stood outside and spoke 'I'm the one who's guilty' 'These people were only helping me out of sympathy, what crime is there in that?' 'I'm the guilty one, why won't you arrest me?' "Don't push me! Don't push me! Don't push me!" "Why are you pushing me?" "Don't push me, don't push me. Why are you pushing me?" "Move back, move back." "Please move away." "My mom is being held in there! We're here to see the trial!" "Why won't you let us stand here?" "Who do you think you are, hitting us?" "You won't let us into the trial, you won't let us stand here either?" "Stop hitting!" "Help!" "Stop hitting!" "Stop hitting!" "The police are hitting people! Police are hitting people!" "He kept trying to grab my camera!" "Bully people around, will you?" "Where's your conscience?" "This is how the Communist Party treats us?" "This is what you give us, dead people?" "You police can hit whoever you want and just get away with it?" "This is illegal" "Why are you taking my picture?" "If you want to take pictures go stand over there." "Right now you're serving in a public capacity" "Not acting as an individual, which is why I can film you." "Why are you hitting him? Why are you hitting him?" "Who? Who is that?" "The police are going after my things, stealing them." "Are police allowed to grab things like that now?" "Bullying us around like that." "This justice doesn't shine so bright, does it." Chengdu TV's 'Truth 30' program Nurses were standing there talking one nurse said to me this girl's death was so horrible she was raped to death by at least 5 to 6 people I heard that, with my own ears. "You didn't ask the nurses why they would say that?" "How they came to this conclusion" At the time, I couldn't bring myself to ask I couldn't even speak Yan Xiaoling, 26, Unemployed Yan became acquainted with Nie Zhixiong, who had a criminal history Nie then got Yan a job in an illegal karaoke venue According to her mother Lin Xiuying the day before she died Yan got a call from Nie Zhixiong, and went to meet him Lin Xiuying says the behavior of the court medical examiner made her even more suspicious her daughter's genitals were so swollen that following her death they couldn't be properly treated and the court medical examiner made no record of this. Even all the clothes her daughter was wearing at the time of death were incinerated. Further it was discovered during the autopsy that her daughter Yan Xiaoling's uterus early on had been removed in secret and without the family's permission. Regarding the court medical examiner's various actions Lin Xiuying remains suspicious Later, Lin Xiuying was told that Nie Zhixiong's belongs to a triad A powerful one that even has friends within the police for Lin Xiuying says that she went to local public security offices numerous times to report the case requesting that Nie Zhixiong be investigated but that local police all refused to file the case. This led Lin Xiuying to suspect that local police were intentionally protecting Nie Zhixiong scholar Zhang Zanning: This case has been handled with complete disregard for judicial procedure. This reveals not just that our country's judiciary functions without supervision but I also even feel that our public authorities regardless of whether or not they are subject to supervision have in ways become something of a criminal syndicate This is a problem our government and our country should be paying close attention to. When government bodies begin to resemble organized crime and by that I mean when they stop handling affairs using normal judicial channels and start using rather slimy and opaque means to manipulate things and to deal with netizens and common civilians A very terrible way to do things. "A plainclothes cop hit someone" "They're hitting people" "What do you think you're doing?" "Just what do you think you're trying to do?" "He hit someone" "When did I hit anyone?" "Who does this guy think he is?" Police "I'm a citizen, don't citizens have any rights?" "What are you doing? What are you doing?" "Stop him! He hit someone!" "That's my brother you're hitting!" "Stop hitting! Stop hitting! Stop hitting!" "Why are you hitting people?" "Is this how you treat the people, bullying us around?" "They're hitting us!" "Stop hitting us! Stop hitting us!" "Don't push me" "What are you doing? Why are you arresting him?" "What are you doing?" "Why? Why are you arresting him?" "Why? Why are you arresting him like this?" "Don't interfere with police business" "Who are you? Show me your police ID" professor Ai Xiaoming: I think all this has shown us how outrageous this government is when it comes to dealing with citizens' views Basically they're saying, I am the authority and I can do anything Except now, the problem is that while these methods of theirs used to be effective today, with the Internet it's like a hammer chipping at the rock to let everything out Prior to the Internet age it was hard for other citizens to get any information about how things were handled or to form their own opinions regarding this information to come to understand or analyze it. Now cyberspace presents a sort of technical capability which removes the possibility of arbitrary use of power. scholar Zhang Shuyi: I've noticed a rather strange phenomenon We citizens have things we want to say, we're just not allowed to say them And there are things the government should be saying, but won't Either that or it talks a lot of nonsense This has created a tense relationship one with potentially very deep roots We citizens recognize now what our rights are We need to uphold our rights We need to start saying what it is we want to say But the minute a citizen starts speaking various threats appear especially when what is being said pertains to government officials We can this is many cases now cases of people being sued for libel and whatnot Government is meant to be subject to public criticism As a public regime, you govern over us you even call yourself a democratic government as the rulers aren't you the people we should be critical of? It's a quite normal thing for the public to express certain views they hold of the government A government of the people ought to be open to listening to the views of the public It ought to rule based on public opinion and not treat it like some sort of attack quote from Saul Bellow's "Herzog" Let the lawyers in! Let the lawyers in! They won't let the lawyers go in. Let the lawyers go in! Where's the law? Where's the law? Is there any law in Mawei? Shameless thugs! Shameless thugs! They even push lawyers around! Is there any law here at all? That's Liu Xiaoyuan, a big lawyer he's well-known in Beijing! Here in Mawei he gets pushed on the ground Let's go! Liu Xiaoyuan! Which car? Daddy! Daddy! You Jingyou! Did you even ask who these three netizens are supposed to have falsely slandered? All they did was speak up in support of the weak and they got charged for it Or do you guys just not care? Just follow orders, do whatever your superiors tell you to do? You don't care if those orders are just or not? There's no doubt, any legal expert would call this a case of injustice. I'll take the legal experts' word for it. With forces operating in the background, there's no hope of the case getting struck down. But after CCTV carried the story, I felt there would at least be hope. But they've still got them locked up Even former state prosecutors have written blog posts saying this case is a mistake, an injustice. Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan: Last time the Procuratorate felt the evidence was lacking and ordered that further investigation be done He gave police a month in which to discover further evidence It's been nearly a month and a half since then they don't have much more time left to build their case, the next hearing is soon The Procuratorate actually gave them a month for further investigation and still they haven't been able to find any new evidence And now they're saying they need even more time to search for evidence and have advised the court to postpone the hearing I came here all the way from Beijing They had already gotten one extension and knew full well they would get one this time too as the lawyer, why couldn't they have at least notified me beforehand? Which is why I think they're just using legal process to play games The sun's shining bright here in Fujian today What we don't see shining are truth and justice. I haven't seen that here in Fujian All these three netizens did was just help Yan Xiaoling's mother write two articles and shoot one video That doesn't constitute having made false charges These three netizens didn't fabricate anything Lin Xiuying has been quoted by media multiple times saying just that That if anything was fabricated regarding the crimes of those two officials then it's me who did it So why then has Lin Xiuying not been brought into this? Let me tell you Fujian's law enforcement authorities all know that these three netizens are innocent of making false accusations So why won't they admit that they're wrong? The only reason is that they want to save face They know they made a mistake if they admit it, people will hold them responsible "Lawyer Liu, did you get to speak in their defense today?" No, I wasn't allowed to speak at all. "He spoke for a total of about one minute, and then it was over." The judge passed his decision as soon as we sat down. The defendants were brought out The judge declared the hearing in session and asked the public prosecutors what evidence they had found And remember, lawyers are supposed to have a chance to respond but the prosecutor immediately replied the judge saying they didn't have any evidence that they hadn't uncovered evidence of serious damage resulting from the false accusations which was why they needed the hearing to be postponed yet again to investigate further for more evidence Then the judge immediately started saying this and that to the judges on either side, going through the motions I don't know if they even actually said anything then he announced that the bench was in agreement in granting the Procuratorate public prosecutors' request for further time to investigate Legally, additional investigation can be requested up to two times but we just feel as though the only thing they're doing is playing games with the law A month ago, that one minute we had in court left me feeling not awe for the law or judiciary No, all I felt was cheated and victimized by the judiciary The judiciary needs to uphold the dignity of those who stood before it if it wants to maintain respect for the law. When the judiciary is intentionally disrespected or the litigants or defenders are disrespected the law at the same time is also disrespected So-called executors of such disrespected laws do they feel as though they themselves are respected? What I feel is insulted, and furious Such efforts toward instigating public anger, even hatred is what you were trying to accomplish? You Jingyou: I often told them how disappointed I am in this society but I'm not willing to give up hope without doubt, there are many ugly sides to human nature I've seen far too much of that To put it more bluntly sometimes, in order to deal with this kind of pain I do feel willing to pay the price no problem but then at other times I feel like we can't compromise with them at all So looking at it like that, no matter how you slice it any cooperation on my part is just indulging them As to which sort of approach would be better in restraining this dark side of human nature the hurt that it brings a kind of ruthless hurt I think I'm already doing all I can though I don't feel that this can truly I mean truly change human nature even with all the people out there and all their efforts But it at least can constrain it and that includes our scrutiny of the government. quote from Saul Bellow's "Herzog" We protest! You're shameless! You're shameless! Don't you have children of your own? You're beasts, all of you! professor Ai Xiaoming: Me, I haven't been to Fuzhou personally but I've seen the video from the April 16th protest There are two points about it that I think are highly important The first is that so many netizens showed up in Fuzhou making it a substantive advocacy action and not just comments posted online but actual physical participation in an actual protest demanding social justice I think this aspect is particularly exciting just as professor Du Guang has said with this, China's rights defense movement has entered a new era scholar Du Guang: on April 16 this year the staging of a trial at Mawei district courthouse in Fuzhou from the hearing to the sentencing of Fan Yanqiong, You Jingyou and Wu Huaying was yet another utter legal farce an illustration of political power violating judicial independence and Internet freedom At the same time, gathered outside Mawei courthouse were more than 2,000 rights defenders from the area and across the country filling the entire street in support of these three rights defense netizens facing judicial persecution displaying the strength and solidarity of citizen power when freely engaged in rights defense this sharp contrast demonstrates that in response to the rights and freedoms of citizens being aggressively deprived by political powers the power and willingness to take action in the defense of civil rights becomes more cohesive and developed professor Ai Xiaoming: we saw the police acting unreasonably and citizens' sense of justice we saw the legality of civic action and in my opinion, the most important, the most inspiring is that we also saw that state power can be dealt with in this way that when state power is arbitrarily used to violate civic space that citizens have the right to protest it and that civic protests can be quite positive and direct seeing so many ordinary people being so brave shows us that being brave is entirely possible Seeing this shows us that Chinese can be brave that being brave is just part of being Chinese that we're not as cynical as often made out to be or as obedient, or as cowardly DOGS! Give us a just trial! Fuzhou's judiciary has no shame! You Jingyou is innocent! Fan Yanqiong is innocent! Wu Huaying is innocent! You Jingyou - innocent! Fan Yanqiong - innocent! Wu Huaying - innocent! Long live freedom! Justice and fairness? Don't got it! Down with Wang Xin! (secretary of Fuzhou Politics and Law Ctte.) Judicial hooligan Down with corrupt officials! Down with corruption! Speech is not a crime! Long live freedom! Scholar Cui Weiping: the Fujian 3 case in essence was a protest in this protest, on one hand you have an authoritarian, closed, ossified system of power and on the other hand is society authorities, to the largest extent possible have tried to completely ignore the part of society in this keep them out of information loop and here in the middle you have this protest in support of the netizens being charged an independent social force independent public opinion and it has another dimension which everyone mentions, its online component explaining the background to the case people calling for various things both online and at on-site the crowd at the entrance to the court had rational, constructive demands in their protest [The Internationale] I feel like we need push this society forward citizen, Wang Lihong: part of that needs to happen offline and those of us who do take it offline must remain civil and rational actual growth of civil society needs everyone involved to go through a process of learning this such as with the riots in Tibet in 2008 and Xinjiang in 2009 it's possible, and this is just speculation that there might be no violence at the beginning this was the experience leading up to June 4, 1989 that a lot of those army vehicles that got burnt, it was students who did it and then they can say you were smashing and burning things and then they can suppress it so we don't want to end up there now partly because we believe in non-violence there is no power in violence citizens alone can't fight them but even if you did this is the dynastic cycle we were in for thousands of years and it should end with our generation scholar, Zhang Hui scholar, Zhang Hui: we are a legal part of this society as law enforcement, as the powers that be, as a top-down system you just won't let us exist so from this perspective, from March through to April the entire Fuzhou action was a Chinese civil society movement or you could say, a symbolic transition in the rights defense movement "CCTV, Law Online" The Fujian 3 netizens suspected of making false accusations have now gone on trial in the Mawei Peoples Court in Fuzhou, Fujian province an initial verdict has been sent down for the crime of libel defendant Fan Yanqiong has been sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of libel defendants You Jingyou and Wu Huaying have each been sentenced to two years Between June and July 2009 in Fuzhou, Fujian province several netizens, as a result of recording and disseminating articles and video stating that Yan Xiaoling of Minqing county died after being raped by 8 men were detained by Fuzhou police Among them, You Jingyou, Fan Yanqiong and Wu Huaying were ultimately arrested and charged by the Mawei district Procuratorate with the crime of making false accusations Previously in two hearings which took place in January and March at the court in Mawei the period of investigation was postponed so further evidence could be collected as the public prosecutors had been unable to produce sufficient evidence Recently, a third hearing was held in this case at the Mawei district court during which the court ruled that the defendants' actions led large numbers of netizens to comment attack, abuse and slander the victim inflicting serious harm upon others damaging their reputation and having a terrible impact on society seriously harming social order, a gross violation The three defendants' actions were all deemed to have constituted acts of libel and are to be punished accordingly Let's go! Let's go, You Jingyou! Let's go, Wu Huaying! Let's go, Fan Yanqiong! There's one thing I want to say to my daughter Child, there is no longer any sorrow in my heart This legal farce has helped me gain a much better understanding of human nature When you turn to people make sure they aren't cold hearted that they have a basic sense of humanity people like that can't help you they won't to Mr. Chen Tong, the public prosecutor, I'd like to say your imaginativeness with regards to the law in this case was astounding you even submitted as evidence an exact number of the people who had seen my video my video fabricated the truth? that article you quoted as evidence was a fabrication one would think Lin Xiuying made accusations in my video against several so-called victims but is suspicion the same thing as making an accusation? *quote from Saul Bellow's "Herzog"* July 4, 2010 - You Jingyou is released from prison you have to be careful tomorrow lawyer Lin Hongnan: a number of netizens have called me saying they've been called out to chat by security police and some are being held no joke, but it's funny Yeah. When you came in, did you have to check in with your ID? Yes You see? It never used to be like this. They're saying they're cracking down Cracking down on what? They always use that one. Wu Huaying, released from prison on June 30 didn't President Hu Jintao tell us not to get sidetracked, not to relax our efforts? yet there there they are, sidetracked as always and what we netizens are doing isn't that just a response to his Eight Honors and Eight Shames? everything we do is mainly for honor and them, Fujian authorities, everything they've done has been shameful Look at this Dear Lawyer Lin This is Zhang Shuai Between the local police and the domestic security police here, I have to give up Also with my child who is about to begin school I can't make it to Fuzhou this time to welcome You Jingyou out prison but I will go online to support everybody Please forgive me The reason I had to go back on my word is that our opponents are just too shameless Apologies. What a joke They'll use every means available to coerce people Rights defender, Wang Lihong: An ordinary tweetup for us to talk about the plight of those netizens just some wine with our food we weren't drunk to the point of being crazy we had just gotten a little tipsy, no harm done they didn't need to use force on us Also, we need to find a new place to eat Circuit malfunction, temporarily closed Netizen, Tian Tian: Hey, there's a guobao (domestic security police) over there I spotted him, just as we were leaving There, this one's a guobao Hey, you should be helping us People's Police, you serve the people don't you? Your mission today, it's to shut down our meeting place, right? What's going on here? We were supposed to have a meal together here But then these guobao aren't guobao supposed to be like the country's security guards or whatever? they went and...suddenly the place we were supposed to meet is shut down I went to call and ask and then he says the power suddenly went off and now the restaurant staff won't even come out to talk to us We just wanted to eat here But these guobao won't let us You tell me, a normal guy would get angry But when I ask him if he's a guobao he just ignores me lawyer, Teng Biao: Today is July 4, 2010 American Independence Day and the first Chinese Twitter Festival is being held here the restaurant we booked canceled our reservation and we noticed a guobao--look, there's another one, but this one admit it The power's not gonna get turned off is it? No, it won't [off-screen] who's that guy? don't know him. Stop filming I'm not filming you! Teng Biao: You can film me Are you out of food or what? We've been sitting here for half an hour already Not a single dish has come out yet Are you trying to starve us? We're hungry here! They tried to starve us in Fuzhou Now they're trying to starve us here Being a guobao is a shameless occupation, you know that right? you see, they won't even admit that they're guobao What, I thought guobao were cute and friendly! afraid to even admit to being guobao! does he think he's the president or what? we have no idea he's an Eastern Depot eunuch Look how brightly he smiles! Let him alone You, troublemaker! Get out! Now, we need to find a place to eat. And then we can walk down the main road to Fuzhou This place is not gonna let us eat here so we'll find somewhere else to eat we'll find somewhere to eat here in Fuzhou that welcomes us that will ignore any threatening phone calls telling them to kick us out Don't turn the power off We won't It's too hot out, we wouldn't be able to stand it Don't worry, we won't We need the electricity on, we need the water on Not a problem Are you stocked up? You have vegetables? Fish? Yes, got it all. Don't come back in two minutes and say you don't. Not gonna happen. Okay, let me see the menu... "Warmly welcome our hero home" We can't make any food Just make what we've already ordered, we won't cause any problems. All our tables for tonight are reserved, our refrigerators is already emptied out, we can't do it. There's nothing we can do. Every restaurant the twitter group went to that day refused them service. 5pm, July 4, 2010 -- Home Inn, Fuzhou What are you doing? Hey, you can't just come in here! You can't come in like this unless you have papers Who are you? Show us your police badges I can't see who you are if you just flash it like that We want to see who you are Turn it off, we're here to investigate I'm just recharging it Hold on, hold on What gives you the right--can't I even recharge my phone? We're going to tell you how it is going to work All these people here are police Second, we received a tip that someone in here is using drugs so we've come to investigate Third, until we're able to assess the situation you are obligated to cooperate in our investigation Fourth, we are currently investigating all of you currently in the room Is this being done in accordance with the People's Police Law? Yes, absolutely Police, in the course of an investigation have the authority to require citizens to show their ID This is written in the Identity Card Law So then you know what is written under article 15 of the Identity Card Law? Once you comply with this statutory requirement, we promise to show our IDs Which is why I'm asking you if you're acting in accordance with the law. Are you trying to test us or what? You tell me I already told you, get it? I already told you! what, that someone reported us for using drugs? Yes Who reported us as using drugs? Do I need to point out that we're all Chinese here? How great would it be if we all worked together to make this society more in line with the law? Do you go home to your wives and kids and tell them just how it is that you carry out the law? We're just working to make China better to have better human rights, more rule of law Police need to follow the law when they're implementing it You won't even tell me which statute it is you're working under Just tell me which article gives police the authority to require people to produce ID There are rules for this sort of thing according to article 15 of the Identity Card Law people only need produce ID under specific circumstances You can't even grasp this law You just failed the judicial exam You know that this is unacceptable, don't you? How'd you even get hired for this job? Is it necessary to waste resources being here? Think how much gas you wasted driving here How much time you wasted Time you could be spending teaching your kids Bet you wish you were off watching the World Cup right now huh Do you think that by doing this you do anything useful for society? We're all law-abiding citizens here And actually you're the ones violating the law Do any of you honestly believe that we're doing drugs here? Oh you got it, we all registered our names down at reception we're staying here at Home Inn just so we can do drugs We're lawyers, journalists, directors, university professors We came here from all across the country just so we could do drugs together We even brought reporters in to film it all Is this what you guys are honestly thinking? You know full well what we're doing here Now media from all over the world are calling me Should I tell them I'm taking drugs? I must be a crazy man Fuzhou is famous once again lawyer Teng Biao: [singing the PLA song, "Unity is Strength"] Ready, set! "Unity is Strength" "As strong as iron, as strong as steel" "Tougher than iron, stronger than steel" "Fire at the Fascists" "All systems but democracy shall perish" "Toward the sun! Toward freedom!" “Shining with boundless radiance toward a new China" Netizens have rushed to Home Inn in support Heaven will judge us for our actions 23:00, July 4, 2010 -- You Jingyou has been released from prison, netizens from all over are being taken away by police Quote from Saul Bellow's "Herzog" Friends at tonight's tweetup to welcome You Jingyou to Beijing, please quiet down The tweetup is about to officially begin Zhang Dajun, scholar Beijing netizens and tweeters are particularly delighted to have You Jingyou and his wife and daughter join us here tonight to eat and drink Everyone knows of the wrong done to You Jingyou how he was slandered and dealt injustice Let's now welcome Mr. You Jingyou to stand up and say a few words Thank you everybody, brothers and sisters I have definitely been through a lot this past year but that's fine, at least we're all still here and there are those brothers and sisters who couldn't be here tonight all of us who speak out, us citizens we're all here for each other and you helped my family get through this tremendously long year thank you all You Jingyou's mother: Will those people be back to hurt us again? If we keep silent they won't Then we best keep silent What I'm thinking is that if something makes sense, we should say even if it makes sense, will saying it to them be of any use? You Jingyou: It's not them I'll be speaking to but to others If they happen to overhear it They won't like what they hear But I can say to them If I've done anything that's broken any laws Then by all means, take me away But if it hasn't broken the law And you're just out to get me, what's the point? Well are they still going to come back and bully us? Only if I happen to rub them the wrong way then they'll come after me It doesn't really matter what you do they'll still come bully you In court, they were completely unreasonable In court, both sides are supposed to make arguments But they just ignored everything my lawyer said. Sometimes they wouldn't even let him speak. This past year is over, we can leave it behind us With the faith that we have, we don't need to take revenge. This is what I want them to understand. To see that what they've done was wrong and not in accordance with the law or their own consciences From now one they can't go around like this arbitrarily persecuting citizens Fan Yanqiong, the last of the Fujian 3 netizens still in prison, stands to be released on June 25, 2011. Director: He Yang; Producer: Tian Tian; Assistant Director: Zhang Yongpan Cinematography and Sound He Yang, Wang Lihong, Tian Tian, Zhang Yongpan, Ping Xiu, Piao Xiang, Liu Shihui, Zheng Chuangtian A joint production of Chinese Alliance of Rights Defense Lawyers and the Wang Lihong Loving Care Workshop August 11, 2010

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